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Wan-Fu is one of the heroes from the Samurai Shodown series.


Wan-Fu came from a strong family living in China and served as a general in the Qing Dynasty. With his awkward combat strategy and a strong army, Wan-Fu seeks to unify the whole of China. Hearing the news of the "powerful warriors" gathered in Japan, he hopes to recruit them. After the failure of Amakusa, he did not find any "powerful warriors." A prophet appears in front of the angry blessing and tells him the existence of the "destructive species". In exchange for a human soul, it can let its owners rule the world. Determined to find all the costs, and his hopes of uniting China is no longer just a dream, he left his hometown to get it again.

Wan-Fu also recruited soldiers for his army in the RPG. In the second chapter, he will protect Beijing with his brother Wan-Ron. Together they are excellent fighters and are loved by the people of the capital. However, the demons penetrated into their homes and brainwashed brothers became their slaves. The negligence of their protectors brought famine to the city, and citizens who protested were imprisoned and eaten by demons. With the help of the party, Wan-Fu get rid of his spiritual control and saved his brother and people.

In Sen, Wan-Fu returned to his native country. When his son was infected with a terrible disease that could not be cured by any emperor's doctor. His country could not help his son's predicament, he could leave China again to find a cure.


Wan-fu is a man easily moved into action by anger. He is brash and impatient though he means well in the end. He is an old-fashioned warrior, as well as finding respect for others only through learning their worth in battle.




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