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There, there. Hush now, baby. I never could remember all the words to that song.
~ Wanda to her unborn child in Hell.

Wanda Blake is a supporting character in the Spawn franchise. She is the former wife of Al Simmons and wife of Terry Fitzgerald as well as the mother of Cyan.


Wanda Blake is Spawn's, Albert Simmons, widow. After Spawn died, she married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald. Wanda has kept her maiden name both times she has gotten married, much to her grandmother's dismay.


Wanda and Albert Simmons were happily married for many years. They had a dog and tried to have children for years. The doctors said there was nothing more they could do and they accepted their life.

After Al returned to earth, five years after his death in 1992, he found Wanda had remarried his best friend Terry Fitzgerald. They found comfort in each other with Al's disappearance and had a daughter, Cyan. As Al visited their house in disguise and left, Wanda continued to think about the strange man.She would eventually discover that sometime after that this man is infact her first husband Al although she went insane al managed to calm her down. Somtime after she was killed in a riot.Al saved wanda from hell and now resides in Heaven.


In other Media

Wanda Blake appears in the spawn animated series and the spawn movie. In the 1997 animated series, she was voiced by Dominique Jennings. In the 1997 film, she was portrayed by Theresa Randle.She was also a lawyer like in the comics.

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