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I've been sitting in a lot of NA meetings lately. AA. All the A's. Hearing people talk about their pills, their booze, their sex... their anger. But listening to you just now, I... I really related. Brother... I've seen that same dragon.
~ Ward Meachum to Danny Rand

Ward Meachum is the tritagonist of the web television series Iron Fist. Ward is Joy's brother and Harold's son, and is a childhood friend of Danny Rand.

He portrayed by Tom Pelphrey while his teenage version is portrayed by Ilan Eskenazi.


Ward gets along with an arrogant and confident air. He can come through as spiteful and evil. During his youth, he frequently intimidated Rand. Not much has changed by the time you became an adult. When Rand returned, Ward refused to believe his claims and may come out as patronizing.

Behind his presumption, Ward is actually false of will and suffers from an inferior complex. His sister Joy constantly proves to be better than him in business. His father, Harold, showed him no love or praise despite Ward's best attempts to help him. His lower complex only intensified when Harold unabashedly showed his favoritism toward joy over him. The stain of secrecy, his own inferiority and weak will has led Ward to continually take drugs to calm his nerves and inner pain.

He was not without his virtues. Ward really cares and loves his sister, Joy. He was in conflict over his secret to Joy, having been forced to keep Harold's secret for his own safety.

After tortuous experiences dealing with his drug withdrawal and Harold schemes, Ward has become more humble and confident. Realizing that Harold's plan would not lead to anything good for him and his sister, Ward teamed up with Rand to take him down. After dealing with Harold, Ward made his peace with Rand and even offered to run the company together.


At first, he is doubtful about Danny turning up alive following his apparent death. Under Harold's persuasion, Ward reluctantly admits that Danny is alive and makes him a majority shareholder of Rand Enterprises. Halfway through the first season, Ward gets hooked on Madame Gao's heroin, which leads Harold to have him framed and institutionalized. He is cured of the addiction and freed from Birch Psychiatric by Bakuto as part of a deal to have Harold killed. However, Bakuto double-crosses Ward and shoots Joy in the stomach to draw Danny out. While Danny surrenders to Bakuto's forces, Ward and Harold rush Joy to the hospital. When Harold subsequently frames Danny for heroin smuggling, Ward warns Danny and Colleen Wing, and also reaches out to Jeri Hogarth to help prove his innocence. Ward later assists Danny and Colleen in fighting Harold. After Danny impales Harold onto a piece of rebar, Ward shoots Harold twice, causing him to fall to his death. After having Harold cremated so that Hand cannot bring him back to life, Ward takes Danny on as a business partner, similar to the way in which their fathers were also business partners.


  • In the comics, Ward Meachum is the brother of Harold Meachum, and plot revenge against Iron Fist with his niece Joy Meachum, hiring the Steel Serpent to kill him. He was also responsible for creating Shades' laser-shooting sunglasses and providing Comanche some Trick Arrows. Ward Meachum was later killed by a Super-Skrull.


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