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You're in violation of Midtown City Code 4432! Step out of your vehicle and surrender peacefully! ...Time's up!
~ Warhawk to the player.

Warhawk is a anti-hero/secondary antagonist hero and the final boss in the 2001 videogame Twisted Metal: Black. Warhawk is a massive police helicopter armed with missiles that acts as the final boss During the final battle, Warhawk will show up fight the player.


The identity of Warhawk's pilot is unknown, all that is known is that Agent Stone, the driver of Outlaw, knew him. It is also revealed in Needles' storyline that he was the one who captured him and put him in Blackfield Asylum. Despite Warhawk being the final boss, he was not actually part of the tournament and only appeared to put an end to the mayhem.


  • Warhawk was originally intended to be a playable character and even had pictures for the character select screen, but near the end of development, it was discovered that Warhawk was too powerful for multiplayer and the helicopter controls were just like driving a car except in the air, causing him to be removed from the final version of the game.
    • Eventually, there would be a playable helicopter in the series.
  • On the Junkyard level, if you ride the vertical car crusher to the top, an emblem to unlock Warhawk's Rooftop for Multiplayer is up there.
  • Warhawk looks different from his cutscene counterpart during gameplay.
  • Its name may be a reference to the 1995 video game WarHawk, a game created by the same people who helped make the Twisted Metal series, that was developed and released right alongside Twisted Metal (1995), and was even a part of the game during early development in where the player would attack drivers in the Warhawk plane. They were eventually separated and codenamed 'Red Mercury' (WarHawk) and 'Firestorm' (TM(1995)).
  • At the hacked vehicle selection screen, Warhawk's front end resembles that of an actual hawk, complete with beak (nose cone) and nostrils (air intakes).
  • Warhawk's personal role in Twisted Metal: Black seems to reflect the role of Carl & Jamie Roberts in previous games, as they are good cops who only want to bring an end to the Twisted Metal Tournament.


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