Warren Rocko (ウォーレン・ラッコー Wōren Rakkō) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.


Warren is a slim man of average height with black, straight hair, which was initially styled in an undercut-like fashion, with most of it being kept quite short aside from a prominent wisp on the right part of his face. Warren has black eyes and a mildly prominent nose, with his most distinctive facial feature being likely his long, and thick lips. After the disappearance of Tenrou Island, the only difference in Warren's appearance seems to be the haircut, with his hair being now left free to partially cover his forehead, being styled in a single prominent spike on top of his head.

Warren initially donned a high-collared red jacket, with striped brown padding over the shoulders and neck areas, with part of it protruding downwards on the chest, following the zip closing the jacket. Each of its light-colored cuffs bore a line on the back edge, and the jacket was closed around Warren’s waist by a light belt with a round buckle, somehow shaped like a mechanical device, with a small, dark capsized pyramid on it. He also wore a pair of light-colored pants tucked inside boots, with the parts covering his feet being black, and the ones coming down from his elbows being reminiscent of light, loose shin-guards made of cloth.[1] After the time skip, Warren switched to a long, double-breasted sleeveless green tunic held closed on the chest by four buttons, with pale green sleeves emerging from under it, tucked inside long, similarly-colored gloves, and a light green sash circling his waist.[3] He also wears light-colored pants, similarly tucked inside simple boots.


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