It's a joke, a joke!
~ Warrod Sequen to Team Natsu.

Walrod Cken is one of the Ten Wizard Saints and one of the founders of Fairy Tail along with Mavis Vermilion, the first guild master of fairy tail. He plays an important role in between the Sun Village Arc and the Tartaros Arc to which he gives important information about the Dark Guild, Tartaros


In the past, Walrod used to be very calm person, to the point he would be calmly standing with his eyes closed while standing up. He also has a love for nature. However, he seems to express excitement when the Fairy tail's Guild building was finished and smiled when the photo was taken afterwards.

Nowadays, he expresses a specific sense of humor to which those who listen to it end up confused. Despite this, Walrod knows when to be serious when the time comes such as explaining the job and what Natsu and his group must do. He is also known to be modest that despite the fact he is among the four strongest members of the Ten Wizard Saints, he claims there are other mages that are stronger than him. Having strong bonds to Nature, Walrod has been using his magic to stop the spreading of deserts which he describes it as a "hobby." He also treasures his memories as shown where he was recalling the time of Fairy Tail's establishment, being happy about Fairy Tail's current generation has inherited the ideals and feelings of the first guild master, Mavis Vermillion. Furthermore he also is very wise as he gave the group a lecture about the importance of comrades.

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