Enjoying the attention, dearest?
~ Wasp to Ant-Man

Janet Pym (née van Dyne), also known as Wasp, is a superhero and a founding member of the Avengers. She is married to team leader Hank Pym.


Janet's early life is unknown.

At some point she met Hank Pym and the two married. They became superheroes, each using his Pym Particles to change their size. They eventually formed the Avengers along with Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. They were based out of the Avengers Mansion.

Eventually Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor left the team. They then recruited Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Tigra, Hawkeye, and Falcon.

The new team was eventually attacked by Vision, the creation of Ultron who was the creation of Hank. Vision put Wonder Man into a coma. Vision was reprogrammed and became a member of the team.

Simon eventually woke up and the team spent their time saving the day.

Some time later, the team expanded to include Captain America and Iron Man again as well as She-Hulk, Goliath, Darkhawk, Speedball, Justice, Hercules, and Rage.

When Ego's powers were damaging Earth, the Avengers responded by helping to save New York City. They were joined by the Fantastic Four. They saw that the sky appeared to be on fire.

The Fantastic Four went into space and joined former Avenger Thor as well as Galactus in stopping Ego and saving Earth.

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