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Wataru Kurenai (紅 渡 Kurenai Wataru) is Kamen Rider Kiva (仮面ライダーキバ Kamen Raidā Kiba, Masked Rider Kiva) and the main protagonist of the 2008 Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Kiva and the secondary antagonist of Kamen Rider Decade. He is a shy young man who never lies, keeping to himself due to his hygiene obsession. He works at an atelier to continue his father's legacy of violin making with a dream to create the ultimate violin, using strange methods to accomplish it. But, Wataru is destined from birth to become the current Kamen Rider Kiva as his mother is Maya of the Checkmate Four, receiving a button with a diamond encrusted crown on it from her as a baby.

He teams up with Kivat to fight the Fangire race and protect humanity from them, only because the Bloody Rose orders him to "fight". But in time, Wataru learns of his family legacy and nature as a Fangire, as well as desiring to change into someone just like his father.

He later seemingly matured more by the time Decade's series started as he remained cool and calm throughout the series (although it should be noted that he still seemingly has his kind and caring side as shown in Wizard).

Evidently, Wataru is the one who inherited the mantle of Kiva from his mother, as his full-blooded predecessor was the previous King of the Checkmate Four who attempted to destroy humanity in 1986 with Otoya taking Kivat-Bat the 2nd and using it to take him down at the cost of his life. His name translates to "crimson going over" possibly a reference to his human and Fangire bloodline.


Left by Maya as a child to protect him from the retribution she would face, Wataru lived in the European-style manor that his father lived in. However, as the building has since said to be haunted, Wataru was referred to by his neighbors as Obaketaro (お化け太郎 Obaketarō, literally "Ghost Boy") for his strange appearance, later donning a mask and glasses as an adult to protect him from the "world's allergies" and using a notebook to express himself without talking. His only friend during his childhood was a boy named Taiga, who helped Wataru when he was bullied and mysteriously disappeared.

In 2008, while gathering fish bones in a third attempt to create the ultimate varnish for the ultimate violin like his father, Wataru comes across Megumi Aso, who manages to show him that his "allergies" are all in his head. He later saves her from the Horse Fangire as Kiva, countering her attempt to kill him soon after before leaving her stupefied and later saving her a second time from the Octopus Fangire.

During the events of "Climax Deka", Wataru helped Ryotaro Nogami during his fight against Nega Den-O and the Nega Den-Liner.

When a female lawyer named Aya Natsukawa arrives to Wataru's home with a list of the various people that Otoya had victimized with his antics, Wataru is devastated to know a side of his father his mother never told him. After meeting Keisuke Nago and getting his advice, Wataru performs acts of moral obligation for his father's sins, until he learns that Natsukawa is the Moth Fangire and Otoya's most wounded victim. Unable to fight her, Kivat is forced to summon Garulu to supplant Wataru with his feral rage in Garulu Form so Kiva can kill the Fangire.

When Nago requests that Wataru keep an eye on Megumi in his stead, he meets a young man named Noboru, who is obsessed with Megumi himself. When Noboru reveals himself to be the Sheep Fangire, Wataru learns of Nago's hatred towards Kiva. Saddened but undaunted, Wataru manages to rescue Megumi when she is captured by the Sheep Fangire, destroying him in Basshaa Form. Since the incident, Wataru took to heart what Megumi learned from her mother: the same ideology Otoya follows: "All humans are music". Eventually, Wataru is forced to lose all of Nago's respect for him when he tries to protect the Frog Fangire, Takeo Ōmura. However, Wataru did learn from Ōmura that he needs to make a violin to call his own.

It was later that Wataru meets Kengo, whose rock and roll helps him in becoming more confident in himself. Though Wataru and Kengo have separate dreams, the two promise to help the other out so that both their dreams come true. Wataru ensures his part by protecting Kengo from the Rhinoceros Fangire, accessing Dogga Form. However, Wataru's world is turned upside again when he encounters the Lion Fangire Rook, whom he met when he was suffering amnesia. However by meeting Mami Kurasawa, a former student under his father (of which he is unaware), Wataru learns to cope with the recent Fangire events of who's evil and not by "listening to the voice in his heart."

After begrudgingly following Kengo to a fortune teller to find out who Kiva really is, Wataru loses consciousness. When he awakens, he is more confident in his abilities, but has a very sarcastic attitude. It is revealed that he is possessed, albeit unknowingly, by his father Otoya as a result of the fortune teller's ritual. While using Wataru's body, although unable to maintain possession at times, Otoya teaches Megumi how to overcome her fears of using the Ixa Knuckle and she is able to help Ixa defeat the Ladybug Fangire. When Otoya finally leaves, Wataru has no recollection on what has happened under the influence of his father's spirit.

Soon after this, at a mixer that Kengo set up, Nago has a waitress named Mio fired for accidentally spilling ice cream on his shirt. Feeling sorry for her, Wataru runs after her and finds out that they have a lot in common and they start dating with Megumi's help. However, when a berserk Grizzly Fangire tries to kill Mio, a rage awakens within Wataru that releases Tatsulot from Castle Doran who unleashes Kiva's full power, changing Kiva into his Emperor Form to mortally wound the Fangire. Before Mio took her leave, due to personal issues, Wataru promises Mio that he would get stronger for her. While the Fangire Hunters were being arrested, Wataru remembers Taiga and decides to help them out by him and Kengo joining the Fangire Hunters to battle the Crab Fangire until Nago altered history so that the Cicada Fangire's survival negated the Fangire Hunters' crisis. But in the aftermath of the fight against both Fangires, Nago learns that the button he gave to Maya ended up in Wataru's possession, explaining it to be an heirloom from his mother, setting up the events where Nago learns that Wataru is Kiva.

The fight's aftermath also caused a falling out between Wataru and Kengo when the latter's hand was injured to the point he could never play again and Wataru was trying to keep the truth from him out of not wanting him to worry. Later, Wataru is face to face with a fully grown Taiga, only to be devastated after learning that he and Mio are engaged. This stress, augmented by Kengo's return as the new Ixa user, causes the Bloody Rose to crack. Though he finishes repairing the violin, he realizes something is missing from the Bloody Rose. Then, Jiro appears to him, revealing to Wataru that his father's desires dwell within the violin. When ambushed by a Kukulkan while fighting the Horsefly Fangire, Kivat holds the monster at bay as Wataru plays the Bloody Rose, realizing his father's desires to protect all music. Infusing the violin with his own desire to find his own music, Kiva finally awakens into Flight Style to destroy the Kukulkan. However, this event causes the evoking of a weapon within Castle Doran, the Zanvat Sword of the previous King of the Checkmate Four.

Eventually, Jiro brings Wataru into Castle Doran to pull out the sword. When he discovers that he can't pull it out, he finds Mio running towards him until she is knocked out by the Rat Fangire. After destroying one, he is ambushed by two others before having to fight Kamen Rider Saga. Escaping, he finds Mio, who tells him that she loves him, not Taiga. Wataru becomes happy after this event, until he receives an invitation to Taiga and Mio's wedding. He then appears before Mio and Taiga, defending them from more Rat Fangires, while admitting his feelings to Mio. Found by Jiro, he tries to pull out the blade again, succeeding, though the Zanvat is created to limit the sword's power when it causes his Fangire blood to surface. After a brief fight with Saga, Wataru is exposed by Mio as she is revealed as the Pearlshell Fangire with Saga reverting to Taiga. Wataru runs off in confusion and hysterics before being spirited by Jiro who helps him cope with the revelations. The next day, as he and Mio discuss this, Taiga takes them to meet Maya as Wataru recognizes her. While demanding why she left him to fend for himself, Wataru learns that he is Taiga's younger half-brother.

Although confused as to why Maya never told him about any of this, Wataru slowly accepts his true identity. Wanting to share the truth, he informs Nago that he will tell everyone in the organization that he is Kiva. When Nago arranges a gathering at a restaurant, Wataru also reveals that he is half-Fangire, shocking everyone. Despite this, Shima falsely promises to help him build a world where both Fangires and humans can coexist peacefully.

Later, Wataru is approached by Taiga, who asks him to join the Fangires, and Mio, who asks him to destroy Taiga so he can be the new King. Wataru declines both of these requests, perplexed as to why both sides cannot get along. However, Taiga is persistent in getting his friend to understand his ideology that he asks the Bishop to awaken Wataru's true Fangire powers. This causes Wataru to go berserk and attack his friends, even to the extent of nearly killing Megumi. When he finally returns to normal, he becomes so traumatized from the ordeal that he completely relapses back into a recluse and completely isolates himself within his house, refusing to fight as Kiva anymore.

Though being convinced by Kengo and Nago, it took Maya's intervention to convince Wataru to fight as Kiva again, not as a human or a Fangire but as himself, so that he'll find his own music. Taiga, enraged by Wataru's decision, gives him time to reconsider. When Shima was near certain death, Taiga saved him by transplanting into him a bit of Fangire power. Wataru is appointed as Shima's bodyguard when this is revealed, as Nago was unable to bring himself to kill Shima. Shima then dies in combat with Taiga, enraging Wataru. They battle, and just as Kiva was about to finish Saga off, Mio steps in the way and takes the Emperor Moon Break as she is destroyed. However, finding her after the Bishop fatally wounds her, Wataru is left to think that he killed her and goes into despair with an equally distraught Taiga intent on killing him under the same impression.

But Jiro's interference allows Wataru to go back into 1986, meeting his father face to face just before he dons the mantle of Kiva. Though he originally came to keep his parents apart to negate his existence, Wataru learns that it would be pointless if Mio had never met him and the only way he could honor her is to live a strong life for her sake. He would ultimately play a pivotal role in the death of the original King before returning to 2008 after receiving his father's final words. With a stronger resolve, he charges into battle against the revived Fangires unleashed by the Bishop, saving Shizuka, Megumi, and Nago before confronting Taiga to settle things. In spire of interference, the fight ends with Wataru the winner though he refused to kill Taiga as he take his brother's place as the new King of the Fangires to everyone's shock. Taiga later demands Wataru to fight him again, having claimed to kill their mother to acquire the powers of Dark Kiva.

After their fight is interrupted by the Bishop and his new army of revived Fangires, the two Kivas and the Arms Monsters quickly defeat the Fangires, as the Bishop is destroyed by Nago as Rising Ixa. Wataru reveals that he had taken the mantle of the King for his brother's sake, shielding him from his enemies. By then, the revived Bat Fangire attacks the Kivas, defeating them easily. Wataru is thrown off of a cliff and encounters the spirit of his father near the discarded gauntlet of the original Ixa Prototype, telling Wataru that he lives on inside him and not to lose hope. With his father's encouraging words, both he and Taiga are able to defeat the Bat Fangire with a Snaking Death-Break and Emperor Moon Break combo. When Maya appears, Wataru is put at ease knowing that she was not really killed by Taiga as the two brothers are now on the same page and resume their fight to determine who will be the new King of the Checkmate Four.

Days later, just as he is about to play the violin at Nago and Megumi's wedding, a young man resembling Otoya bursts into the reception claiming to be Wataru's son Masao Kurenai from 22 years in the future. He warns his father of a new threat to humanity and shows him, Taiga, Nago, the Arms Monsters, and the rest of the reception a portal in the sky. In the end, Wataru, with his son as Kiva, Rising Ixa, Dark Kiva, and the Arms Monsters at his side, transforms into Emperor Form and confronts this new evil.


Kamen Rider Kiva


  • Height: 200cm
  • Weight: 98kg 
  • Punching power: 6t 
  • Normal kicking power: 8t 
  • Jumping power: One jump 85m
  • Running power: 100m for 6.5 seconds 
  • Special move: "Darkness moon break" (right leg open kick: destruction Force 30t)


  • Darkness Choker - A necklace in the shape of the legendary devil's face, which is used by powerful people for decoration among monsters. It is said that some low-ranking monsters can be scooped up just by looking at this decoration.
  • Aerodactyl Plate (Shoulder) - A restraint that suppresses the amplifying force of Kiva. The power of Wataru Kurenai's demon power, which was activated by Kivat and amplified by the demon stone, is immeasurable, and exerts the power to drive Kiva itself to self-destruction. In order to protect Kiba herself from her own power, it is necessary to hold it down with this plate.
  • Bloody Lang - Kiva's "storage of power". It is dyed crimson because the power of the demon is the most accumulated. Power is sent to the whole body through blood vessels that are branched in multiple layers.
  • Kivat Bat III - The Kivat tribe, a bat monster, is the third generation of the prestigious Kivat Bat family. The forehead has a demon stone inherited from the first Kibat Bat for generations. By biting the skin of a qualified person and attaching it as a belt, that person's demon power is activated and "Kiva's armor" is put on. The upside down position seems to be the most calm position.
  • Doran Mail - A tough inner suit made by tanning the leather of the black dragon <Gaora Doran>. Protects those who wear it from all extreme conditions such as burning and frigid. It is difficult to even hurt with all the bullets and cutlery that exist in this world. The same dragon fangs are used for processing.
  • Hell's Gate - A restraint for the right leg that is tightly closed with a sealed silver-trisilvanian processed plate. Known as the Gates of Hell, this restraint begins to open when Kiva's fighting spirit reaches its peak, with the sound of Kivat's forbidden whistle <Wake Up Fessle> and Kivat's "Wake Up!" The call releases the catena (chain) and opens it completely.
  • Kiva Persona - Kamen Rider Kiva's head. A mask that collects various information-gathering organ devices. It is made of <Lucifer Metal>, a metal of the demon world that has hardness comparable to diamond. It protects the wearer's head from an instantaneous impact of 120 tons and enables activities in any environment with a life support system.
    • Wild Nose - An olfactory amplification device that has the same detection ability as a dog's sense of smell. You can get a sense of smell that is more than one million times that of humans. The footprints of the escaped fangaia can also be tracked by squeezing the monster odor with this sense of smell.
    • Crown Sonar - The mighty Demon Power amplified by the Demon Stone has the property of dyeing its surroundings red. This crimson crown, which is crowned on a persona, is capable of emitting special ultrasonic waves and uses a reverberation localization called echolocation to know the surrounding situation even if it is deprived of sight. Can be done. Using this ultrasonic echo, it is possible to accurately obtain the position of the enemy behind, and it is possible to collect information around 5000m.
    • Coolant Silva - A cooling board that prevents the wearer's brain from being destroyed by the mighty Demon Power amplified by the Demon Stone. It is made of Tri-Sylvanian silver, which has the "power of silver" to suppress the outburst of the Demon Emperor's power. It has 5 heat dissipation ducts on each side and efficiently cools the energy heat that circulates in the persona.
    • Demon Stone (Aoishi) - Power stones embedded in the limbs and forehead. It has the effect of amplifying the "Maouryoku" possessed by those who wear Kiva's armor several to several tens of times. It is a precious gem that is rarely available in this world, and Aoishi is more valuable than Beniishi and has a strong ability to amplify the power of the Demon Emperor. Since it has the property of accumulating and amplifying a large amount of demon power in proportion to its increase in size, it is necessary to seal or restrain it to prevent its energy power from exploding.
    • Guardian Crown - A guard plate placed to protect the central Demon Stone. It is dyed in vermilion due to the influence of the Demon Stone.
    • Omniphone - An auditory amplification device that resembles the wings of a bat. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the wearer's will, and if the maximum sensitivity is raised, even the falling sound of the needle 3 km away can be discerned.
    • Omni Lens - A huge visual amplification device. It can obtain visual information 220 degrees forward and 500 m away, and also has an X-ray function that allows the tip of an iron plate with a thickness of 10 m to be seen through. It also has a built-in nanoscope function that can microscopically detect even the smallest bacteria-class objects.
    • Gau Crusher - Metal fangs made of sharply sharpened lucifer metal. It has a jaw strength of 1.2 tons and has the power to instantly chew a steel ball with a diameter of about 8 cm. An air purifier is installed inside to decompose and purify all toxins. It also has the function of purifying and taking in substances necessary for respiration from the substances existing in the space even in a vacuum state.
  • King Singlet - It is a strong auxiliary armor that protects Kiva's body, and at the same time, it also functions as a restraint that suppresses the outburst of the Demon Emperor's power. Lucifer metal is coated with a sealed silver called <Tri-Sylvania Silver> to suppress the outburst of force.
  • Kivat Belt - The "perch" used by Kivat to transform Wataru Kurenai. Equipped with <Fesslot> on both sides, and equipped with 6 types of summoning whistle "Fessle".
  • King Breath - A demon power amplification bracelet with a crimson demon stone. The power of the stone amplifies the power of the Demon Emperor several times, giving Kiba superhuman strength. Tri-Sylvanian silver coating is applied to control the force.
  • Blood Vessel - An energy flow path for distributing Kiva's power, the Demon Emperor's power, to the whole body. With the Kivat belt as the core, it has the function of efficiently circulating the power of the Demon Lord from there to the whole body.
  • Sylvanian Kneeguard - At the same time as a protective device that protects the knees, it also has the function of a resistor to control the power of the demon that flows into the toes.
  • Catena - Sealed chain. Lucifer metal is coated with tri-Sylvanian silver, and the surface is engraved with a seal to prevent the outburst of force from double with the plate. Equipped on the right leg and both shoulders.
  • Balancer Anklet - The power of the right leg is sealed by Hell's Gate, but the power contained in it is far superior to that of ordinary people. While keeping the power balance with the right leg evenly, it is possible to deliver an explosive destructive power of about 8 tons even with a normal kick in a restrained state.
  • Right Leg - Kamen Rider Kiva's right foot. The Demon Stone is a precious gem that is said to be huge if it is usually 2 cm long, and it is a gemstone that accumulates and amplifies the Demon's power with all the power of the natural world. Three demon stones, which are more than double the normal size, are set in Kiva's right leg. With the power of this huge Demon Stone, the Demon Power flowing through Kiva's body is maximized, creating a powerful kick technique <Darkness Moon Break> that returns all substances to nothing.
    • Mazankou - A red demon stone is fitted at the outlet of the demon power provided on the sole of the foot. By releasing the demon power amplified by the three demon stones at once, it creates amazing destructive power.
    • Demon Stone of the Earth (Aoishi) - With the help of the spirits of the earth, it receives the amplified energy that has come down from the Demon Stone in the air, and completes the amplification to the strongest energy. The division of amplification into three stages is a protective measure to prevent the disappearance of Kiva with the energy that has increased at once. This doubled amplification energy is more than eight times at this point, and Kiba is able to perform a powerful kick technique <Darkness Moon Break> that is incomparable to normal times.
    • Demon Stone of Water (Aoishi) - Receives the Demon Emperor's power sent from the Demon's Stone in the air, and further amplifies that power here. It is said that the spirit of water dwells, and with the help of that, it further doubles the energy. At this point, the normal energy is amplified four times.
    • Sora's Demon Stone (Aoishi) - A demon stone that amplifies the demon power with the help of the spirits of the universe. Passing through Blood Vessel, the part where the demon power is first accumulated, and then the demon power is amplified and sent to the demon stone of the water to be reserved next. At this point, the demon power sent in is amplified twice as much as usual.
    • Hell's Gate - A restraint for the right leg that is tightly closed with a sealed silver-trisilvanian processed plate. Known as the Gates of Hell, this restraint begins to open when Kiva's fighting spirit reaches its peak, with the sound of Kivat's forbidden whistle <Wake Up Fessle> and Kivat's "Wake Up!" The call releases the catena (chain) and opens it completely. Three huge Demon Stones are set inside, and a powerful kick technique <Darkness Moon Break> is activated. Since the constant opening causes Kiva's self-destruction, it is usually necessary to close this gate tightly. When deployed, it becomes a wing, and it also becomes a stable wing to reliably hit the target when kicking from high altitude. The sharpness of the wing tip made of magic metal <Lucifer metal> is as sharp as a diamond blade. The inside of the gate is dyed crimson due to the influence of the Demon Stone. It also acts as a power plate that diffuses and releases the powerful demon power that bounces off Kiba himself when kicking.
    • Demon's Mount - A fixture to fix the Demon Stone to the right leg and prevent an outburst. Originally it is silver because it is coated with Tri-Sylvania, but it is dyed red because the power of the Demon Stone is so strong. Its shape is designed with the face of the legendary Demon King, which is handed down among the monsters.
    • Gordi Vessel - A very thick blood vessel that serves as a flow path for the power of the Demon Emperor. From the demon stone in the air to the demon stone in the earth, it sends intense energy using the bottleneck effect.



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