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Waverider is a supporting character in Generation One of the Transformers franchise. He was based on a figure from the 1988 toyline.

Marvel Comics

Waverider first appeared in Issue #40 of the Marvel US title as one of Fortress Maximus' crew aboard the Steelhaven. He was one of six Autobots who Brainstorm and Highbrow used to duplicate the Pretender process that Scorponok had used on his troops. Waverider and the others used their new Pretender shells to battle the Decepticon Pretenders when they attacked Alternate Reality Inc. The Autobots triumphed thanks to the aid of a computer recording of Optimus Prime, who co-ordinated their efforts. Waverider remained with the Steelhaven crew as they joined up with the Earth Autobots.

In the UK-exclusive story "Deathbringer", Waverider remained at the Ark to provide Nightbeat with information on the Deathbringer. After a fairly lengthy absence, he was involved in the battle with Thunderwing in Issue #66. His largest role was in Issue #69, when he came across an infuriated Grimlock in the aftermath of his failure during the Matrix Quest. Waverider attempted to lecture Grimlock on how he was lucky to be alive, only for Grimlock to throw a sword at him, just missing. Waverider went to report to a distracted Optimus Prime, but too late to stop Grimlock deserting, searching for nucleon which he believed could revive the other Dinobots. Waverider was present when Optimus Prime and Nightbeat retrieved Ratchet from null space only to find him fused with Megatron.

Waverider continued to appear during the following issues as the Autobots surrendered to Scorponok in an attempt to form an alliance against Unicron and fought to end the Decepticon Civil War with Shockwave's forces. Waverider last appeared in Issue #75, during Unicron's assault on Cybertron. Optimus Prime sent him into battle alongside Joyride and Quake but he was blown apart by one of Unicron's blasts.


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