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Waylon Joseph Smithers, Sr. was the father of Mr. Smithers and was Mr. Burns assistant.


One day the Nuclear Power Plant suffered a meltdown and was likely to destroy Springfield. However Waylon Smithers, Sr. went inside the reactor and stopped the meltdown, killing him in the progress. He gave his son, Waylon Smithers, Jr. to Mr. Burns. who raised him. Shortly after his death Mr. Burns threw his body into a pipe, which a young Homer found and traumatized him.

Years later when Homer got hypnotized into thinking he was 12 years old, he remembered finding Waylon Smithers, Sr.'s corpse in a lake which caused him to scream for days. When he told the family about this, they snuck into Mr. Burns mansion and confronted him and showed them Waylon Smithers, Sr.'s skull which they found earlier at the same lake. Mr. Burns showed them an old film which showed how Waylon Smithers, Sr. died. In it it showed he sacrificed himself to save Springfield from a meltdown due to an unstable reactor. When Mr. Smithers came in and learned the truth about his fathers death, he was proud that his father died a hero rather than being killed by Amazon women, (which Mr. Burns told him earlier).

He later made a cameo in "To love or Curl" in a flashback.


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