Waylon and Floyd are supporting protagonists and one of the members of the "Singin' Strays" from the 2006 Disney film,The Fox and the Hound 2, the midquel of The Fox and the Hound.


They are voiced by Jim Cummings.


Waylon and Floyd are twin slender bloodhounds with light brown fur.

Waylon has a red collar, while Floyd has a green collar.


Waylon and Floyd are harmonious,funny and kind.

They were also sad during Copper's banishment, however their owner comforts them alongside Granny Rose.

During the climax, they, along with the rest of the band members felt a lot happier.


  • Waylon,Floyd and Granny Rose are the only members of "The 'Singin' Strays" that do not appear to be angry.
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