The Wayne Brothers (Brian and Jason Wayne) are protagonists in Battle Garegga, and crossover supporting characters in Armed Police Batrider. They are the sons of their deceased father Mathew Wayne.


They were born in a country town located on a peninsula lying at the southernmost tip of the Western continent. Influenced by their father, Brian and Jason loved tinkering with machines from young age. Upon reaching maturity they took over the operations of a small auto factory their father left them, producing various automobiles and planes of their own original designs. Unbeknownst to them, rumor of their prowess eventually reached the Federation.

The Federation took the unusual step of issuing a development contract for their novel ideas and audacious designs, and the brothers were thus able to refine and increase their production speed with their financial backing. Finding the brothers’ numerous creations perfectly suited for their imperialistic ambitions, the Federation wasted no time in putting their plans into motion.

Realizing too late what they had done, the brothers turned to 4 experimental fighter planes still under development. Hiding themselves and working on the ships in secret, they resolved to stop the Federation’s advance. However, the war had only just begun, and before long the Federation’s assault reached the town where the brothers were hiding. And so it was that the reality of war and their own naivete were laid bare before their eyes.

Wayne Brothers gather up their chosen aircrafts and scramble to stop the tidal wave of Federation military. Will they succeed?


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