Wazoh is a bird from the animated series at It's a Small World. Wazoh's character is a little bit curious. He is a sidekick of the children around the world and Mr. Balloon. In the full episodes, he is silent. He only speaks in the segment, "Words with Wazoh". This is where he talks to the viewer about today's word/phrase of the day. He most likely resembles a blue jay.

Words with Wazoh

This segment appears at the end of each full episode each time the children leave the faraway land. Wazoh tells the viewer the word or phrase of the day in English and Spanish. Wazoh is very similar to Dora the Explorer, both telling viewers words in English and Spanish.

Words/Phrases in Episodes

  • Jolly Holi Day - Blue (Azul in Spanish)
  • Bricht and Braw - I Like (Me Gusta in Spanish)
  • Let's Go Fly - Kite (Cometa in Spanish)
  • Little Birds, Frost, and Pine - Happy New Year (Feliz Ano Nuevo in Spanish)
  • Tropical Hideaway - Beach (Playa in Spanish)
  • Up and Down - Up and Down (Arriba y Abajo in Spanish)
  • One Golden Sun - Bird (Ave in Spanish)
  • Just One Moon - Holiday (Vacaciones in Spanish)

Wazoh is most likely to appear in future segments at the end of future episodes.


  • Wazoh used to have friends in the fourth episode (revealed in the segment).

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