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Weedon Scott is the deuteragonist of Jack London's 1906 novel White Fang, and its adaptations. He is White Fang's final and ideal master.

He was portrayed by the late Oleg Zhakov in the 1946 film, the late Gorō Naya in the 1982 anime film, and Nick Offerman in the 2018 Netflix film.


During White Fang's fight against a bulldog, he is easily defeated and suffocates, but Weedon Scott breaks up the fight and punches Beauty Smith. He pries the bulldog apart with the help of his sidekick, Matt and forcefully buys White Fang from Beauty Smith. Smith swears revenge on him, but he threatens to have him run out of town.

He and Matt realize that White Fang was a sled dog and the wolfdog kills their dog, Major. Matt is unconvinced that White Fang can be tamed, but Weedon convinces him to give him a chance, as he is too intelligent to kill. Weedon calms White Fang down by talking soothingly and feeding him pieces of meat. His efforts at taming White Fang eventually succeed and he begins trusting in him. Later, they hear shrieks outside their home and head out to investigate. They find White Fang attacking a person and Weedon pulls him off. They realize that the person is Beauty Smith, who came to steal White Fang back.

Weedon then takes White Fang with him to his home in California on the Aurora ship, while Matt stays to watch the cabin. Upon arrival, White Fang attempts to get used to the laws of the Southland and Weedon's father, Judge Scott grows very concerned about him. Meanwhile, a violent fugitive named Jim Hall tries to get revenge on Judge Scott for sentencing him to prison, but White Fang saves their lives by killing him and gets knocked unconscious in the process. White Fang is cured from his wounds and is awarded by the Scott family for saving their lives and name him "The Blessed Wolf".


  • Weedon Scott is very similar to John Thornton from London's other book The Call of the Wild. Both are wealthy gold hunters who rescue the canine protagonist from their abusive masters (White Fang from Beauty Smith and Buck from Hal). Both the dogs the men adopted only experienced friendship from their previous masters, while Thornton and Scott expressed love for the protagonists.
  • In the 1991 Disney adaptation, the character is renamed Jack Conroy, which is based on the name of the book's author.
  • In the anime adaptation, he had an experience of being attacked by a pack of wolves led by Kiche and having a partner named Bill in the beginning. In the book, Bill's partner was named Henry.
  • He is renamed as Matt Scott in the 1993 series.
  • He is portrayed as a marshal in the 2018 adaptation.