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Wei Shen (1984-) is the main protagonist of the video game Sleeping Dogs. Shen is a Chinese-American undercover cop whose goal is to bring down the Sun On Yee triad, the most powerful triad in Hong Kong.


Wei Shen was born in Hong Kong, China, to his mother and father alongside his older sister Mimi Shen. Wei lived in Old Prosperity with his friends Jackie Ma, Winston Chu, and Conroy Wu as well as Dogeyes Lin. However, Dogeyes got Mimi addicted to drugs and Wei stabbed him with a pen in suspicion and somehow saved Jackie. In response, Wei and Mimi moved to San Francisco, California, to get out of the drug addiction. Wei Shen grew up to become a skilled police officer in the SFPD experienced in undercover work. However, Mimi died of a drug overdose some time later. This cause Wei to forever blame the Triads for her death and was seconded to the HKPD where he returned to Hong Kong to infiltrate the Sun On Yee triad. Raymond Mak was his handler.


  • Honed Physical Abilities- Wei is a man who keeps himself in great shape and maintains a strict level of training. His strength, speed, reflexes, agility, durability and stamina are in top conditioning, for a man of his age.
  • Expert Martial Artist- According to his Police background, Wei is a extremely skilled martial artist and fighter being able to contend with strong opponents and other grown men. He can effortlessly take on multiple opponents, armed or otherwise and come out as the victor. Wei can use anything in his surroundings as a weapon to fight.
  • High Intelligence- Wei Shen is very intelligent capable of improvising and persuasion and can plan out without losing focus.
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Weaponry Expertise- As a police officer, Wei shen is highly skilled in the use of pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault and sniper rifles.
  • Espionage Expertise- Thanks to his affiliations with the Hong Kong Police, Wei has access to a wide selection of tools which aid him during undercover espionage and recon missions. These include a safecracking tool, numerous hidden microphones, and a phone app that allows Wei to hack any CCTV boxes in Hong Kong, giving him full access to the camera they are connected to.
  • Expert Driver- Wei has shown exceptional driving proficiency with multiple types of vehicles, from motorbikes to high speed sports cars.
  • Stealth Tactician
  • Adaptive Skills