Weisslogia (バイスロギア Baisurogia) was a dragon known as The White Dragon (白竜 Hakuryū) and was the adoptive father of Sting Eucliffe. He was among the five Dragons who had their soul's taken by Dragon King, Acnologia.

He is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Kyle Hebert in the English version of the anime.


Weisslogia is a light-colored, gigantic, bearded Dragon with feathery, angel-esque wings, and has two comparably small antlers protruding from the top of his head. Weisslogia's underbelly is quite smooth, while the majority of his body, save for part of his feathery, windswept face, and his spine (which is adorned with a trail of hair that starts from his head), is covered with thick scales.


Weisslogia was a very selfless Dragon, having taken in and raised a little Sting Eucliffe like he was his own son. Furthermore, Weisslogia opted to forfeit his own life solely for Sting's future growth. However, upon revealing that the latter fact was a lie to keep Sting unaware of where he had gone, Weisslogia still kept in line with his supposed caring persona, as he disappeared and rewrote Sting's memories to prevent him from turning into a Dragon.


Many, many years ago, Weisslogia's soul was taken by Acnologia's Dragon Slayer Magic, which left him in a half-dead state.

Sometime during his life, Weisslogia taught Sting how to use the Magic once fabled to be able to kill Dragons themselves: Dragon Slayer Magic; White Dragon Slayer Magic gave Sting the characteristics of Weisslogia himself. Weisslogia, after the fact, participated in a plan concocted between Igneel, Zeref and the Celestial Spirit Mage Anna Heartfilia, and hid himself in his adoptive son (like the other four Dragons) via the Dragon Soul Technique. This was done for two reasons, one of which was to create antibodies to stop Sting from ever turning into a Dragon; and the other was to allow Weisslogia to give his tattered soul time to heal so that he could kill Acnologia. However, the Ethernano in the atmosphere was not dense enough to allow for the Dragons to heal properly, and as such, Weisslogia manipulated Sting's memories beforehand (against Igneel's wishes) into thinking that Sting had killed him, and then had his son sent through the Eclipse Gate to July 7, X777: a year when the Ethernano concentration was exceedingly high.


Tartaros arc

After the timer for Face reaches zero, Weisslogia appears alongside the foster parents of the Dragon Slayers and helps them in destroying a large number of Face bombs.

After Acnologia retreats, Weisslogia lands in front of Fairy Tail and the other and reunites with Sting, much like how the others reunite with their kids. When questioned about his supposed death by Sting, Weisslogia reveals that he and Skiadrum rewrote the memories of both of him and Rogue, though Skiadrum chimes in and says that Igneel was against this. Weisslogia then explains that they have already died, and it is revealed that the Dragons lost their souls to Acnologia's Dragon Slayer Magic many years ago, as well as that they hid in the Slayers' bodies to prevent Dragonification, to kill Acnologia, and to prolong their own lives. Furthermore, they cannot return once they have exited the body. The Dragons then rise and prepare to depart, claiming that in accordance with the Magna Carta forged between their two races four hundred years ago, they will watch humanity as they create the future. Before disappearing, Weisslogia smiles at Sting as he is thanked for all he has done.

Magic & Abilities

White Dragon Slayer Magic (白の滅竜魔法 Haku no Metsuryū Mahō): Weisslogia has been seen using his Magic to create various pillars of light to destroy multiple Face bombs by himself. Weisslogia also taught Sting how to use his particular variation of Dragon Slayer Magic.

Memory Control (記憶操作 Kioku Sōsa): Weisslogia has the ability to manipulate the memories of humans at will, and did so to completely rewrite the events of his disappearance in Sting's mind. However, it was noted that Igneel was completely against him using said Magic on his own children.

Dragon Soul Technique (魂竜の術 Konryū no Jutsu): Weisslogia uses this ability to conceal his soul and Magic Power inside the body of his foster son Sting, which preserves his life force as well as provides antibodies for the Dragon Slayer to prevent the process of Dragonification. This ability was also used for Weisslogia to be able to travel 400 years into the present time.

Flight: Being a Dragon, Weisslogia possesses the ability to fly through the air using his wings.

Immense Strength: All by himself, Weisslogia is able to easily ram through and destroy numerous Face bombs. This strength, however, is a mere fraction of what Weisslogia's truly was before his soul was taken by Acnologia many, many years ago.


  • Dragon King Festival
  • The 400 Year Plan


  • "Weiss" (correctly written as "weiß") is German for white.

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