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For this character's 1999 counterpart, see Wendy (Bob the Builder).

Wendy is the deuteragonist of Bob the Builder. She is Bob's business partner who does construction work with him. She is based of the character with the same name in the 1999 television series. She is voiced by Joanne Froggatt.


Wendy is a very good worker, as noted by Bob. She handles a lot of other work while Bob handles building. She has shown to be a good electrician.

She is also very kind. Wendy can also be sometimes stubborn when it comes to doing things herself. She'll claim she can handle doing the work, despite how badly it may be going until she finally realizes she needs help and can't do everything by herself.

Wendy is also a bit of a tomboy as she enjoys playing sports like football, tennis and golf. It is something she is really good at.

She might have feelings for Bob.


Wendy is a fair-skinned adult woman with long blonde hair often-always worn in a ponytail held with a scrunchie. She has green eyes and a nose. She also gains breast outlines, which she did not have in the original series.

Often when doing work, Wendy will be seen wearing a white shirt with an orange jacket and a blue over coat. She always wears a brown belt, teal green trousers and tan-brown shoes. Her construction worker hat is a dark shade of blue.