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Wes is the main hero of Pokemon Colosseum. He was a member of Team Snagem, but he betrayed them, and started capturing Shadow Pokemon and purifying them alongside with his two Pokemon, Umbreon and Espeon.


Wes's past is never fully explained. He has apparently been with his Pokémon, Umbreon and Espeon, for years. Wes joined Team Snagem for unclear reasons, but then abandoned them.

Before he does, he activated a bomb to completely destroy Team Snagem's headquarters and steals the portable version of the Snag Machine - a device that can turn Poké Balls into Snag Balls - which can be used to catch Pokémon already owned by other Trainers. In the process Wes revealed the hidden base to the police of Orre.


Equipped with this device, Wes wanders around until he rescues Rui from some kidnappers in Phenac City. Using his high-tech hovering motorcycle to travel around Orre, Wes and Rui set off to uncover the conspiracy behind Cipher, Team Snagem, and the Shadow Pokémon.

Wes's actions eventually attract the attention of both Ho-Oh and Celebi.

However, shortly after defeating Cipher and snagging/saving most of the Shadow Pokémon, there are reports that "Wes" started attacking people with a Shadow Togetic. Wes, with the help of News reports and Kids Grid, manages to track down the impostor to Outskirt Stand, where he is in the middle of attacking one of the people nearby. He then battles and defeats the impostor and snags his doppelgänger's Shadow Togetic. Afterwards, the impostor is revealed to be an ex-Cipher Peon named Fein who had wanted revenge on Wes for shutting down Cipher, and declares his success in ruining Wes's reputation. However, Orre forgives Wes after realizing their mistake.

His whereabouts after the events of Pokémon Colosseum are unknown. His and Rui's heroic acts in bringing the first Shadow incident to an end are remembered by people in Orre in Pokémon XD, though their names are not mentioned to Michael.




  • Outside of Lucy Fleetfoot from Pokemon Trozei, Wes is the oldest playable character in a Pokémon game, as he was designed to be 17 instead of the usual 11 or 12.
  • Wes is the only character to start with more than one Pokemon, Espeon and Umbreon.
    • Trading with Colosseum (and XD, if Michael's Eevee is evolved into one of the two) is the only way for the handheld Generation III games to obtain the Generation II Eeveelutions, as Generation III's games do not have the time mechanic introduced in Generation II. Colosseum is preferred, as it is automatically guaranteed to have both Generation II Eeveelutions from the start whereas XD might not get either based on the player's choice.
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