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Wesley American Pie

Wesley (nicknamed The Blackout Menace) is a supporting protagonist in the American Pie film series. He is the president of the fraternity that Dwight Stifler and later Erik, Cooze and Bobby, are members of, Beta House. He is one of the tritagonists of the American Pie Spin off film American Pie: Beta House. Wesley is arguably the most mature and reserved than most of his fraternity brothers and excellent student at the University of Michigan. But He has the habit of getting belligerently drunk, causing trouble and then when he wakes up, he doesn't remember a thing, which is how he earned his nickname.

Beta House

One of his drunk adventures, Wesley traveled to Bangkok and adopted a child named Sung Lee, whom Dwight dropped off at the Embassy to avoid causing international incident . Wesley was not seen during the Naked Mile weekend Erik, Cooze and their friend Ryan came to visit due to being in a Mexican Jail, but he was able to tunnel his way out of the jail and return of the University of Michigan in for finals. During the beginning of the new year, while Wesley was playing the piano, Dwight introduced him to Erik and Cooze to be pledges. During the party, Bull, one of his and Dwight's fraternity brothers, tried convince Wesley to have some beer, and at the latter was reluctant, but was convinced otherwise. After drinking a little of the beer, Wesley got drunk and had threesome with Erik's roommate Bobby and his girlfriend Margie, due him hallucinating.


  • He lost one of his balls knife fight in Brazil during of his drunk adventures.
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