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Wex Major

Wex Major is the main protagonist of Wild 9. Wex Major is on a quest to save his team members of the Wild 9 and defeat the evil Karn.


Wex Major is the leader of the Wild 9 team he possesses a powerful operating weapon called the Rig. Wex found the Rig when he was younger. While Wex possesses the powerful weapon other people , aliens fear him. Wex was rumored ounce to be the Great Champion. Wex leads the Wild 9 Group to defeat the evil Dictator Karn


Wex is a young male who gets lost in an unfamiliar galaxy. He eventually meets up with eight other off-beat, strange adventurers, and becomes the leader of the group, of which they dub the "Wild 9".


  • Wex Major should be appearance in theme TV Series by TAR Animation Film (Huson Studios Limited) then his voice by Ronald Jerry McDonald.


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