Whales (Fantasia)
The Whales are humpback whales who live near the polar regions. They appear in Fantasia 2000 in the segment, Pines of Rome.


Papa Whale

The leader of the humpback whales, Papa Whale is the most responsible for the joys in the iceberg in the starry night. He once sprayed water out of his spout to fend off the seagulls.

Mama Whale

The wife of Papa Whale. She finds her baby trapped inside the iceberg and helps him escape because she is a very protective mother.

Baby Whale

The smallest of the whales in this segment. This little whale is very good at jumping high unlike his parents and the rest of the grownup whales. Trying to get away from the seagulls, he accidentally crashes the bottom of the iceberg trapping himself which makes him in the water again.

Other Whales

All these whales are summoned by Papa Whale who knows that the flashing star symbolizes that they will migrate.


Fantasia 2000

During the beginning, a large whale jumps out of the water and a whale calf is mischievous with its parents. These whales are able to float on air. The whale calf is mischievous and not concentrating with its pod. The whale calf flies with the seagulls, which makes them try to eat them. The large whale is able to stop them. The ice starts to crumble and the calf lost its pod. The calf is able to fly across the land with its pod and they fly happily before morning arises.


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Whales (Fantasia)

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