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Wheatly - the secondary protagonist-turned main antagonist of the video game Portal 2.


Portal 2

In portal 2 Wheatley is known as both the pro and antagonist, he first makes his appearence waking up chell from her 9999...99 of sleep. he within minutes becomes just as much of a friend to you as the companion cube did in the first game, after a while of searching throughout the facility they find GLaDOS dead and after a bit of exploring and trying to escape they acidently wake her up where she crushed wheatley using a metal claw almost killing him. wheatley continues to observe chell throughout the chambers of aperture science before speaking to her planning to help her escape in the last chamber however wheatley learns about GLaDOS' plan to kill chell and breaks her out and escapes with her. they destroy her neurotoxin then replace the working turrets with defective turrets causing GLaDOS' strongest weapons to become useless, wheatley then betrays chell once power hits his head realising that he is now more powerful than chell, he turns GLaDOS into a potato and throws them down into old aperture, after a long while they reunite and wheatley uses them to satisfy what he calls an itch which makes him need to test however after thinking they had been crushed and killed he finds P-Body and Atlas and tries to chell, Chell and POTaTOS come up with an Idea to replace wheatley with POTaTOS and set chell free. they succeed in corrupting him but do not succeed with the core transfer where Chell shoots a portal onto the moon launching her and wheatley into space, GLaDOS pulls chell back out while knocking wheatley out of her hands into space where he was left until his power faded.

LEGO Dimensions

After a long time in space, Wheatley discovers blue portals connecting the dimensions, which he uses to return to Aperture. Coincidentally, Chell arrives at Aperture as well. Having antigravity, Wheatley and Chell travel around Aperture together as friends once again. They travel through Aperture Laboratories and eventually reach GLaDOS' chamber. Wheatley and Chell replace GLaDOS as the Central Core with Space Core. Chell and Wheatley then exit through another portal and leave Aperture.

Team Fortress 2

In Team Fortress 2, Wheatley appearing as the one of the Spy's energy sappers.

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