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If used logically, madness makes a great weapon.
~ Whirl's toy bio

Whirl is a member of the Wreckers, and is a minor character in The Transformers franchise. Mostly appearing in the Transformers Marvel comics, Whirl is depicted as a enthusiastic and reckless Wrecker, fond of using unpredictable moves and manoeuvres on his enemies. While Whirl was a minor character in the wider franchise for many years, his reimagining in IDW Publishing led him to be used in other media, including prequels and sequels to the Marvel comics.


Transformers '84

In this prequel, Whirl is part of the Autobot Resistance on Cybertron. In Secrets & Lies, he is recruited by Impactor as part of the group that would become the Wreckers when Straxus plotted to restart Project Dreadnought, turning Cybertron into a mobile weapon. Attacking the planetary turbines, Whirl flew Rack'N'Ruin into Stanix to scout ahead, only to encounter the Decepticon Combiner Abominus defending the turbines. Whirl brought Rack'n'Ruin within striking distance of the combiner and the conjoined duo whacked Abominus with a hammer blow hard enough to knock him down. The Wreckers then engaged the individual Terrorcons and the Decepticons until they managed to plant and detonate explosives that destroyed Project Dreadnought. From thereon, the Wreckers functioned as an autonomous unit within the Autobot army, engaging in hit-and-run raids against Straxus' forces as the war continued to rage on for years.

Marvel's the Transformers

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Regeneration One

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Dreamwave Productions

IDW Comics

Main article: Whirl (IDW Comics)

Transformers Animated

Whirl made a tiny cameo in Bots of Science, as part of a force led by Warpath during the Great War. As with the majority of his team, he was presumably killed in the battle. Presumably, as all Animated Autobots bar a few exceptions could not fly, he did not transform into a helicopter.

Aligned Universe

Whirl appears in media surrounding Fall of Cybertron as a Wrecker with a similar, "showy" personality. As well as this, like the other Wreckers he can combine into Ruination. However, the most notable Whirl from the Aligned Universe in the Rescue Bots Academy Whirl, a young female Rescue Bot. The Wrecker Whirl also makes a tiny cameo, in his IDW design, in a drawing of him and her together.

Main article: Whirl (Rescue Bots Academy)


Main article: Whirl (Transformers Cyberverse)


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