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I won't lose another friend! I can't!
~ Whisper the Wolf, to Tangle the Lemur

Whisper the Wolf is a major character in IDW Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs, based on Sega's video game franchise of the same name. She is an enigmatic soldier who aids Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies, especially fellow heroine Tangle the Lemur with whom she shares a close bond. She is marked by her two signature items: her high-tech mask, and her weapon-of-choice, the Variable Wispon, fueled by her own personal team of Wisps.

Like Tangle, Whisper has proven very popular among fans since her debut, so much so that she and Tangle even got their own miniseries and have become playable in the games Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.


Whisper is an wolf with brown skin, biscotti, cloudy white fur and Cadet blue eyes. She has a black nose, light gray eyeshadow, long-pointed ears, a quite long hair in a ponytail with a black hair tie and a long, bushy tail. She wears a cream colored tube top, dark gray and light gray gloves, black knee pads, lack elbow pads, dark gray arm sleeves and knee sleeves, light gray leggings, and a black and dark gray cloak. She also wears a military-fashioned black, dark gray, and light gray boots.


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Powers and Abilities

Whisper is a capable fighter and a trained soldier, and thus, has experience fighting in war-like situations. During the Eggman War, her skills on the battlefield were enough to turn the tide of any battle.

Whisper is an expert marksman and a master of stealth, able to infiltrate areas undetected and hit distant targets without being detected by friends or foes alike. Her natural aptitudes are further enhanced by her unique equipment. She seems to prefer positioning herself on high perches and snipe enemies from a safe distance, but is able to hold her own in melee combat as well.

Whisper wields a specialized Variable Wispon designed by her comrade Smithy that can utilize any form of wisp, which she uses in conjunction with all of her former team's wisps. The Cyan Wisp lets her shoot a powerful and precise laser beam, Orange can fire explosive projectiles, Pink lets her create a flying buzzsaw, Green lets her hover to high distances and Blue lets her smash her enemies with a strong hammer.

During her time in the Diamond Cutters, Whisper wielded a sniper rifle-like Wispon powered by her Orange Wisp partner that lets her destroy large enemies with explosive results. After Mimic's betrayal, she discarded it to throw him off her trail.



Whisper was once a member of the Diamond Cutters, a secret mercenary team dedicated to fighting against the Eggman Empire, alongside Slinger the Ocelot, Smithy the Lion, Claire-Voyance the Howler Monkey and Mimic the Octopus, all of whom resided in a secret base in the middle of the Clove Sea. Each of them wore a mask, which allowed them to see through the others' point of view and communicate with each other and with Wisps. Each also carried a specialized Wispon designed by Smithy and were partnered with a Wisp to use said Wispon, which in Whisper's case was a sniper rifle that was powered by an Orange Wisp, allowing her to create huge explosions from a distance. This, coupled with superb sniping skills, made her a force to be reckoned with. While her teammates would infiltrate Eggman's bases, Whisper would watch from afar and report and/or eliminate with any incoming forces that would otherwise hinder their operations.

During the beginning of the Eggman War, Mimic claimed to have found a way to disable an entire coastline of enemy Badniks by taking down one of Eggman's bases. Apparently, the whole team was required at the base to succeed, but Claire-Voyance asked Whisper to keep watch outside like usual as she had a bad feeling about the mission. As the rest of the Diamond Cutters enter the facility, Whisper watched their progress through her mask. Unfortunately, she soon discovers that Mimic had betrayed the team to Eggman in order to save himself, as her teammates are led into a room full of hostile Shadow Androids that quickly overwhelmed and killed them while Mimic met with the doctor himself in another room. When Eggman learned that Whisper was not among the casualties, Mimic was then ordered to eliminate Whisper as well, but she and her Wisp were able to hide from him by sitting atop a tree branch as silently as possible. She watched as Mimic took her abandoned Wispon and his own mask, which was identical to Whisper's, back to Eggman as "proof" of her demise.

Though Whisper survived the ordeal, Mimic's betrayal and the loss of her other teammates left a profound effect on her, causing her to become incredibly shy around others and speak only in literal whispers. After the event, Whisper rescued the Wisps and returned to the Diamond Cutters' base to recover Smithy's prototype for a variable Wispon that would allow her to utilize all of the Wisps. She also kept her mask along with the video footage of what had happened that night so that she would never forget nor forgive what Mimic had done, swearing to find him and make him pay dearly for betraying their team. Though she never accomplished this during the war, she did aid the Resistance from time to time, at one point even saving Silver's life, thus becoming known as the "Guardian Angel" of the resistance. The event also made her somewhat resentful of Shadow since it was his image that murdered her friends, though she knew it wasn't really his fault.

After the Eggman War

Around a month after the war, Sonic and Silver were raiding one of Dr. Eggman's old bases in search for information and Whisper decided to aid them from the shadows. However, she was spotted by them attempting to open a doorway with her Variable Wispon and retreated to the rooftops. Sonic managed to to convince Whisper to come out of hiding after acknowledging she is uncomfortable among crowds and together battle an E-Series robot guarding the computer room.

During the fight, Whisper is trapped under some debris and drops her Wispon as Badniks approach her. Her team of Wisps prepare to defend the heroine when Silver uses his ESP to throw the robots aside and lift the debris off the wolf. After destroying all the Badniks in the room, the trio spot a working computer displaying an Eggman logo. The logo angered Whisper and was about to destroy the computer before she was talked down by Sonic, who needed information off it first.

Whisper later went to help the Resistance and their allies take back Angel Island from Neo Metal Sonic and the Eggman Fleet. Sonic lets her know he appreciates the assistance and will give her space to work before their battleship is soon attacked by enemy forces. Whisper uses her Variable Wispon to escape the ship before it's destruction and begins her assault against on incoming Badniks. As the battle progressed, Whisper aids Tangle the Lemur by eliminating airborne foes as while Tangle forces an enemy cannon to fire on other cannons nearby.

The Resistance soon commandeer another battleship from the Eggman Fleet, only for it to be attacked by Master Overlord: the transformed Metal Sonic. Whisper manages to shoot Master Overlord in the face before joining her allies in a combination assault against him. She and Rouge work together to damage one of the robot's wings but are both shaken off it's body and caught by Silver's ESP. They are then lowered onto Angel Island after Master Overlord's defeat and Whisper is complemented by both Silver and Blaze on her skills while celebrating with her team of Wisps. She also befriended Tangle the Lemur, and shared a joke with her that she found hilarious.

Working with Tangle

Much later, Whisper went to visit Tangle at her hometown of Spiral Hill Village. She is shown around the village by the Lemur before they stopped by at a mineral museum to meet with Tangle's childhood friend Jewel the Beetle. However, as the three of them were getting acquainted, The Babylon Rogues barged into the museum and began stealing the exhibits. As that was happening, Storm the Albatross unintentionally kidnaps Jewel after mistaking her shining shell as a valuable mineral. As the Babylon Rogues make their getaway, Whisper goes after them by having Tangle use her tail to launch them both up to the thieves blimp.

The pair make the jump thanks to Whisper firing her Wispon behind them for an extra boost, and then demand Jewels release after the rogues realised their mistake. However, Storm is ordered to toss Jewel out of the blimp, unintentionally damaging the beetles wing as she is thrown out the door. Whisper is suddenly reminded of a past trauma in her life and quickly jumps out after Jewel while Tangle soon follows suite upon retrieving the stolen minerals. Whisper grabs onto Jewel and Tangle before using her Variable Wispon to float them down safely to the ground below. Later, Whisper and her Wisps help clean up the mineral museum as Jewel and Tangle thank them for all their help.

Tangle & Whisper Mini-Series

Whisper later returned to Spiral Hill Village while pursuing her old shapeshifting teammate Mimic, who has been framing Sonic the Hedgehog for various crimes. Mimic, in the form of Sonic, tricks Tangle into stopping Whisper by making her think the mercenary has been brainwashed. Whisper quickly informs Tangle of the deception but loses sight of Mimic who had taken the form of a civilian. Unable to continue her chase, Whisper accompanies Tangle to the mineral museum where she further elaborates on Mimic and his crimes. Jewel listens in while serving them tea and suggests that Tangle assists Whisper on her hunt for Mimic. Although the wolf initially refused the assistance, she reconsidered at the urging of her Wisps just before they discover a message about Mimic's whereabouts.

Whisper and Tangle make their way to a forgotten Eggman Empire bunker where Mimic is supposedly hiding. Upon arrival, Whisper surveys the area outside the bunker for any danger as Tangle asks about her history with the octopus, something she was reluctant to share. Whisper only remarks that Mimic is dangerous and manipulative before deeming it safe for them to explore the bunker's interior. Unfortunately, as they searched the building, Mimic manages to lock Tangle inside a airtight safe before assuming her form to lead Whisper into a trap. He attacks Whisper with a Egg Hammer wielding a ball and chain which almost crushes her, but she was able to quickly destroy the Badnik and disarms Mimic in a brief shootout, leaving him at her mercy.

As Whisper approaches Mimic to finish him off, the villain taunts her inability to protect those she cares for and blames the wolf for not being there to save the Diamond Cutters. Whisper responds by knocking him to the ground, remarking that he sold them out and threatens to make him pay for it. However, Mimic asks Whisper if she had forgotten about her new friend Tangle, as there was still a chance to rescue her from suffocation before the bombs he set prior to their fight explode. Afraid of losing another friend, Whisper spares Mimic to locate Tangle and ends up joining her inside the safe to survive a massive explosion which completely destroys the bunker.

The experience leaves Whisper in a state of shock and terror as the fear of losing more friends was proving too much for her to handle, but she is then convinced by Tangle to talk about her insecurities to help the lemur better understand her situation. Whisper explains to Tangle about her time with the Diamond Cutters using archived video recordings stored in her mask. She also states that Tangle is the first friend the mercenary let herself have since the tragedy that took her teammates away and cannot stand the thought losing anyone else. Tangle tells her that she is not going to back down as Whisper is her friend too and wants payback for Mimic's attempt on their lives in addition to the lives he has taken. Moved by her words, Whisper hugs Tangle before they start forming a plan to lure Mimic into a trap of their own.

The duo deduces that Mimic would soon return to the destroyed bunker as he needed proof of their destruction to show Dr. Eggman. So they left a message drawn in the dirt that told Mimic to meet them at the Diamond Cutters' former Clove Sea base. Whisper knew Mimic would use a distraction to sneak through the base's back entrance, and when they are attacked by small armada of flying Badniks, she tells Tangle to search the building while she holds off the assault. Once the Badniks were disposed of, Whisper rushes to Tangle's aid and worked together to finally bring Mimic down. But as Whisper was about to finish him off with her Variable Wispon, Tangle stood between them and convinces her that it would be worse to let Mimic live with his failure. Whisper accepts that with Mimic neutralised, the Diamond Cutters have been avenged, and then takes the octopus to Tails' workshop where he will be held until the authorities transfer him to Everhold Prison. Meanwhile, Whisper and Tangle decide to part for the time being, but would soon reunite to fight against the growing Metal Virus epidemic.

Metal Virus Arc

Hunting for Mimic

Other Media

Whisper, along with Tangle, appeared in Sonic Dash and in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It marks the first time that a character from the IDW comics has appeared in a Sonic game.


Concept art

Model sheets


Trading Cards




  • Whisper was first revealed at the Sonic the Hedgehog's Way Past Cool Panel at SDCC 2018 on 19 July 2018.
  • Whisper's name is based on her quiet personality and because she usually whispers. It could also be a play on the Wisps, due to her friendship with them and how she obtains a Variable Wispon.
  • Along with Tangle, Whisper is the first comic-exclusive character to appear in Sonic games, the games in question being Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.
    • According to Ian Flynn, this is because Sega owns the characters from the IDW comic series, thus making it possible to use them in games.
  • Kazuyuki Hoshino has stated that he loves both Tangle and Whisper and that he found it fun to team up with the IDW team to help create them.
  • Writer Ian Flynn has said that he really likes the 'Whispangle' ship (the ship between Whisper and Tangle) but also stated that a romantic relationship between the characters is not confirmed.


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