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White Diamond is the main antagonist turned supporting protagonist from the TV series Steven Universe. She is the leader of the Great Diamond Authority formed alongside the other diamonds; Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and formerly Pink Diamond.

She is voiced by Christine Ebersole.


White Diamond is an enormous being, towering over all lesser gems and even her fellow diamonds. Her body and gemstone always emit a bright, white light and the gem itself is cut similar to that of Pink Diamond's. Her hair is spiky and upward and shaped similarly to a star and she has long and thick eyelashes. On her eyes, she wears shiney grey/silver eyeshadow and on her lips, black and reflective lipstick, which she also had on her finger and toenails, a contrast to the episode "Your Mother and Mine' where in a flashback, White was shown to have pointy and white fingernails. Unlike her fellow diamonds, Her pupils are white instead of black.

She wears a leotard with, long sleeves, sharp shoulder pads, and has a star design that goes from her chest to her mid region. Draping from her hips, is a long translucent dress that splits from the sides and hanging from her back,is a cape that is also translucent on the outside, but on the inside the cape is black and grey with many tiny white sparks that twinkle and shine randomly in the light.


According to Pearl, White Diamond is different from others gems, the other diamonds included. She is shown to be somewhat disconnected and mechanical about her behavior.

More showcased in others episodes, White Diamond is a perfectionist who only seeks to "make things better" did what she honestly thought was correct in which to maintain order and perfection. (Even if the pressure she exuded on other gems was doing more harm mentally and emotionally, than good)

However after Steven allowed see her the error of her ways, She has changed to be more positive and accepting of her own flaws and that of others along with their differences.

Heroic actions

  • Goes to earth to help cure the corrupted gems.
  • Helps cure corrupted Steven.
  • Entrusts Earth to The Crystal Gems.

Powers & Abilities

  • Aura Projection: The Diamonds can project an aura around them that they can control. They can either radiate it from their entire bodies or emit it from specific parts of their bodies, usually their hands. Not much has been shown of White nor her aura, but during the Diamonds' final attack against the Crystal Gems, White's aura was shown around her hand as a solid white corona-like flare around it.
    • Corruption Induction:Though the attack was meant to destroy the Crystal Gems, it corrupted every single remaining Gem on Earth.
      • Corruption Reversal: She reversed the corruption using the water of Rose's Fountain in "Change Your Mind".
    • Mind Control: By zapping another Gem's gemstone with a white ray of light, White Diamond removes that Gem's color, replacing it with a complete whiteness which spreads out from the gemstone and controls the affected Gem. Gems under her control appear to gain access to White's powers, including the ability to form white bubbles for transportation, become intangible, levitate, and shoot White's controlling light from their eyes. A controlled Pearl was still able to draw her (also colorless) Gem Weapon to fight Connie, but it is unclear if this is the Gem's individual weapon or a facsimile. Controlled Gems generally mimic White's movements, speech, and possibly state (a blush shown by White Diamond spread to all under her control), though she can also command them to perform specific actions or say certain things. Once released, Gems are disoriented and appear to have no memory of what happened or what they did whilst they were controlled. A weakened emotional state may disrupt White's control; in "Change Your Mind", when Steven exposed a flaw in White Diamond, her control was undone when she realised this and blushed. It is unclear if this was a deliberate action on White's part, or an unconscious reaction. White Diamond states that controlling other gems involves "shining her light through them" and that she does not want to "spread [herself] too thin", implying a possible limit to the number of gems she can control at any given time. The ray can be blocked by Pink Steven's Shield.
      • Power Bestowal: When White Diamond takes control of a Gem, they can gain access to new abilities, such as transportation via a white bubble, intangibility, and can project her controlling light from their eyes.



  • "I Am My Monster" is the final episode to feature White Diamond, for right now at the very least.

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