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Rodolfo Rivera is the supporting character of El Tigre. He is the superhero father of Manny Rivera, as well as the son of Manny's Grandpapi, and ex-husband of Maria Rivera. On the outside of his superhero persona, Rodolfo is definitely the sterotypical Hero type personality that will stand up for anything that is good.

He is voiced by Eric Bauza who also voiced Buhdeuce, Puss in Boots, Marvin the Martian, Hubie and Bertie in the New Looney Tunes, & Scrooge McDuck in The Legend of the Three Caballeros.


White Pantera obtains his abilities from his Bronze Boots of Truth. These boots grant him super speed, strength, and agility along with the ability to walk up vertical surfaces and forces whoever touches them to tell the truth.

Super Speed

His boots enable White Pantera to move at supersonic speed, allowing him to catch up to criminals much faster.

Boots of Truth

The boots can also make someone tell the truth against their will. Grandpapi, Frida, and the Titanium Titan are 3 of those who have been victims to this type of power.

Of those, Grandpapi was the only one shown whom White Pantera himself tried this particular power on. Frida allowed himself to get affected intentionally to test them. However, Titanium Titan had a Truth Proof Vest though that rendered him immune to the effects.


  • In the storyboard pitch of "Sole of a Hero", White Pantera's "Power Punch Kick" was originally written as an actual punch, not a kick. Afterwards, it became obvious that the boot-themed superhero should have a kick against his most powerful villain, Voltura's attack.
  • In Dia De Los Malos, Rodolfo comes out of the bathroom with a comb in his hand, combing something back. But already had his mask on, so what was he combing? His mask?
  • In Eye Caramba, it is seen on White Pantera's super hero license that he is an organ donor.
  • Pantera means "Panther" in the Hispanic language.
  • in "Eye Caramba" it is revealed that he used date Voltura (Zoe's mother) in High School, until he broke up with her.




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