Before First Curse

With her husband Jefferson trapped in Wonderland, Priscilla enlists the White Rabbit to take her through his portal to rescue him. While she locates Jefferson, the White Rabbit waits for her return so he can whisk both of them home. However, the plan goes awry, with Priscilla dying and Jefferson forced to escape Wonderland through his portal hat instead.

As a child, Alice follows the White Rabbit down a hole into Wonderland and has many adventures. Years later, Alice returns to Wonderland, desperate for proof it is real, kidnaps the White Rabbit to bring home and show her father, who believes she is delusional. After being chased by Queen's guards into a maze, she shrinks herself and hides in a bottle containing a genie, Cyrus. As the two converse, Alice pulls out the captured White Rabbit from her bag. The White Rabbit struggles to free himself from her grasp, but is promptly stuffed back in.

After Alice exits the bottle with Cyrus, the White Rabbit continues to fight for a way out from the enclosure. Untying the bag, Alice apologizes to him for the ordeal. The White Rabbit blames himself for leading her down the hole to Wonderland many years ago, though Alice disagrees. He promptly leaves on his own into the maze. Much later, the White Rabbit secretly witnesses Alice and Cyrus burying the genie bottle near a dandy-lion hedge tree, but does not make himself known to them. After they are gone, he murmurs that they are crazy kids. For a brief moment, the White Rabbit looks at his pocket watch and then sets off to return home to his wife. ("Trust Me")

One quiet evening, the White Rabbit opens his home to Cyrus and lets him in so Alice can be treated for a sustained wound. Mrs. Rabbit easily makes an elixir to heal her. While Alice is resting up, the White Rabbit expresses concerns about her since she will always be in danger despite having chosen to be with Cyrus. The White Rabbit persuades Cyrus to think about Alice's safety, even if it means he must part from her to ensure it.

At some point, the White Rabbit helps Cora return to the Enchanted Forest.


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