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You're not right in the head!
~ White Tiger to Spider-Man

White Tiger (Ava Ayala) is a S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee and the current successor in her family's legacy to bear the name. Originally a lone hero, she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. in an effort to become a right-hand woman to Nick Fury. With the rest of her group, she embarked on many missions and developed further as a hero. Throughout her time with the rest of the group, she rediscovered her hatred for Kraven the Hunter for the murders of her father and grandfather and overcame her desire to kill him herself with the aid of Spider-Man. She controls herself maturally and helps the others with that too.


Ava is a leader, and a strong-willed, down to business kind of girl. She gets along with Spider-Man and her other teammates as they fight villains together. She is defiantly the most determined, and most ampt about her S.H.I.E.L.D. opportunities than her other teammates, and will sometimes even cut them some slack when they goof off. She usually has a few good wise cracks for them.

She has been known to go to school on Saturdays, and to do homework during transportations to and from missions. She is a hard working A+ students who earns her grades while secretly working with the boys to keep New Yorkers, and other citizens safe.

Ava is so strong willed and strives to be "perfect" in order to keep the tiger side of her contained. The prices that comes from wearing the amulet. Her father and grandfather were both killed by Kraven the Hunter when they were unable to keep themselves in control.

Physical appearance

Ava Ayala is a tall Hispanic-American teenage female who has a slender yet well-toned and muscular build, with brown eyes, brown hair reaching mid-back, broad shoulders, and long, muscular legs. She usually wears a green, pink, or blue tunic with a white or purple long shirt underneath, a black or brown sash belt around her waist and wears strapped black high heels.

As White Tiger, she wears a very form-fitting white cat-like suit that presents her well-toned body through the suit, with claw markings on her waist and shoulders, it also has yellow eyes, with her hair sticking out in a long, high ponytail. When under the effects of Kraven's drum, her eyes are razor and her hair is frizzed up.

In season 3 after being captured by Dormammu her costume gets a major redesign. The stripes of her original costume are darker now, making her appear more tiger-like, She also has four new ones on her mask, two under both eyes, and two under those that extend from her jaw to next to her nose. The White Tiger amulet has moved from her hips to her chest, it also resembles it's "Unleashed" appearance that it had when Kraven wore it.


After becoming White Tiger, Ava was forced to control her powers by maintaining composure and keeping her calmness during situations. She could never allow herself to embrace her savage powers. On one occasion, she did just that and came into conflict with the man responsible for her father and grandfather's demises. During this time, Ava acted polar opposite of how she usually did and did not care about keeping herself in any well-groomed matter, once drinking out of a carton and burping loudly in front of her teammates. She had also become uncharismatic, as she told the group they were out of milk and walked off. Ava generally felt regret for the power that her amulet had placed on her and even considered it to be the only thing that made her important.

Frequently during missions, White Tiger displayed a level of impertinence towards her teammates. She would often bring up the grades of the others and throw their own flaws back in their faces, like when she and Spider-Man were alone together facing Taskmaster and she reminded him that he never trained after claiming the impending fight to be the moment he had been training for.[6] Of the group, Ava considered studies towards school or academics in general to be her most important factor, as she would make sure to complete her homework before going off to face a villain or stop nefarious actions of others. During a flight to Latveria, she revealed to Spider-Man that she was finishing her homework.

Powers and Abilities

As the latest White Tiger, Ava's powers come solely from the White Tiger Amulet. Her skills while already superb, are increase significantly from it's powers and cause her to have catlike reflexes. During many battles, she has been shown to rely heavily on it, especially while dealing with larger and much stronger opponents. However, her reflexes have not always benefited her and have caused her to be easily attacked and overpowered by opponents like Klaw. Though her powers can be used for her rare instances of being a solo act, they benefit greatly from the reliance of others.

Demonstrated during her team's assault on Latveria, Ava's reflexes and abilities are great in a crowd of opponents and have show to be heavily reliable while she has stood alone.[3] She exhibited agileness while fighting off several S.H.I.E.L.D. robots alongside her teammates in a training session.[4]

  • Master acrobatic: White Tiger is an athlete-type able to easily dodge enemy attacks and fight enemies.
  • Peak-human agility: White Tiger has peaked agility able to leap high and run fast enough to catch the enemy with ease.



Ava and Peter first met when he as Spider-Man had difficulty controlling his motorcycle. She took control and helped him out. Shortly afterwards, she introduced herself to him and watched as he initially chose not to join S.H.I.E.L.D. which made her happy, due to a previous bet she had made. During Spider-Man's battle against the Frightful Four, the two saved each other, with White Tiger doing it for Spider-Man first and Spider-Man doing it lastly.

The two adventured together to confront Doctor Doom after Nova saw the group fit to do so. Ava fought by his side during their first battle against Venom and watched as he was consumed by the latter. She grew tried of Spider-Man's collaboration with Iron Man, mainly because of the latter's then-recent suit he had received from his new mentor. She advised him to stop using it, but still aided him in saving Iron Man after the latter was seized by the Living Laser.

Her and Spider-Man's first solo adventure together would be against the Taskmaster, whom donned the disguise of a gym teacher at their school in an attempt to find the former. After failing a P.E. test, Ava would not let the injustice go unavenged and dragged Spider-Man into confronting him on a Saturday. The next day, she called him on his cell phone and ordered him to get down to the school, which he did. Despite her initial unwillingness to go in without the instructions of their other team members, Spider-Man convinced her otherwise and the two went inside. Following their team up, she, Spider-Man and their teammates were called in over a Spider-Man impersonator. Despite Spider-Man's wish to not allow him to join the group, she and the others were towards the impersonator's induction as the group's sixth member. As Spider-Man sneezed, White Tiger hoped that she would not catch his cold. Her fears became a reality and she caught it, alongside the rest of the group and attacked him with the others for giving it to him.

As Peter rejected his teammates' attempts to get him to allow them to copy his homework, Ava complimented Peter as being the only one of the four to actually possess integrity. However, she took back her compliment by reminding them that his abilities as a superhero had consumed much of his time, causing him much frustration. She and the others noticed his strangeness later that day, as he had switched bodies with Wolverine. She fought alongside Spider-Man against a Frost Giant and the two related as Thor treated them like mere children. Soon afterwards, she went with Spider-Man and the others to Asgard, in an effort to defeat Loki. They succeed and soon Ava became embittered over Spider-Man's reveal to the group that he had known Venom's secret identity and wasn't going to tell anyone. She reacted angrily, urging her teammates and Nick Fury to allow her to get the information out of her.

She and the others played a prank on Spider-Man by having Nova call him on his cell phone and claim to be in dire battle conditions. As Spider-Man ran out and slipped on ice, she and the others laughed at him. Ava and Peter went with the other three to a desert island and had an enjoyable time on it's beach. She joined Spider-Man and the rest of the group in facing Sandman. She and Spider-Man helped the others chase their foe down and later took a shower with them as well. During the Goblin's rise, Spider-Man restricted her from getting involved in his duties to defeat the villain and blamed himself for her injuries during the group's initial fight against it. She and the others came to his aid regardless and mourned over his seeming death after sinking with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier before he revealed himself to them, causing White Tiger and the others to surround him. Shortly afterwards, he allowed White Tiger and the rest of the group to reside at his home.

Ava reported to Spider-Man a sighting of a foe before moving in to confront it herself and being defeated. After defeating the foe, Peter rushed her and the others back to their shared home. During Ava's time of being the lone ranger and going along with her powers, Spider-Man tried to encourage her to fight her inner demons and not give in. During this motivational speech, he tried to convince her that she was part of his family and that he really cared for her.

However, Ava did not believe that and instead went off on her own again. Spider-Man found himself having to chase her down and prevented her from falling into a trap at the hands of Kraven the Hunter. He then told her about Uncle Ben's murder and how that made him into what he is today, something he's never told his other teammates. Shortly afterwards, she had a training session with him and the rest of the group. Though she and the others tried hard, they failed to successfully get Spider-Man or attack him. She later came to his aid against the Sinister Six, where she again fought Kraven the Hunter.

Ava likes Peter, as shown by hugging him as heroes and also interacting with him. Also, this feeling grew stronger when Spider-Man tried to make her understand to become like her Dad, and not like Kraven. Also you can see how Ava feels for peter in episode "Kraven the Hunter," the fact that Ava went a bit crazy on Peter’s bed, and then slashed it to pieces in a moment of passionate, animalistic fury and her act like she is a cat in heat just makes it seem all more like she’s sexually frustrated for Spidey, But her feelings are a secret to Peter, many- a- times.

Iron Fist

As the group tried to save a few civilians, White Tiger instructed Danny to save a few children. During their fight against Electro, Iron Fist responded to White Tiger's earlier question if anyone had noticed the former's voice change during his electrical transmissions.

Power Man

White Tiger met Power Man after either her own or his joining of the S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees. During their introductions to Spider-Man, she tried to introduce him to the latter as his real name, only to be redirected to his alias after seeing Spider-Man's.


White Tiger first met Nova either after Nova joined S.H.I.E.L.D. or she did. During their work as a team, she grew tired of his constant referrals to himself as the team's leader. She even mocked him during the group's watching of Spider-Man's entry into their team. As Nova ran to confront the real Doctor Doom at Latveria, White Tiger and her teammates chased him. During the group's attempt to find Spider-Man after he was captured by Doctor Octopus, White Tiger angrily told him to get out of the way as she and the others followed the Octobot they were using to find Spider-Man's location. During the group's attempt to find Electro, she and the others were thrusted by Spider-Man's Electro controlled motorcycle. She complained that Nova had tried to kill them, to which he denied involvement in doing so.


  • White Tiger Amulet: This amulet gives her tiger-like abilities, along with the power of the Tiger God.
  • Claws: Those claws are White Tiger's main weapon of choice.[2]
    • Electrified claws: Given a new upgrade from S.H.I.E.L.D.,White Tiger has electrified claws able to shock opponents in hand-to-hand combat.[6]
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. tiger claws: S.H.I.E.L.D. gave Ava a new weapon that resembles a mechanical tiger claw. It is able to do deal more damage than her regular claws and can hold small pieces of objects inside it. Her first and only time using these claws was against Venom during his third appearance in the city. After he managed to escape, she kept a piece of his costume with her.[10]
  • Web-Shooters: Having swapped their gear with Spider-Man, she used the web-shooters to defeat Taskmaster and after that she admitted the web shooters are quite awesome.(briefly)[6]
  • Magic bow and arrow (briefly)

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