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Whitey Duvall is the deuteragonist of Eight Crazy Nights. He is a short, 69-year-old man with white hair (he always had it all his life, even as a juvenile, since infancy, thus his name), irregularly-sized feet (like his fraternal twin sister, Eleanore, as his right foot is size 11 and his left is size 9), and a hairy body, including his buttocks.

His goal is to be remembered not for his appearance, but for his hard work, and to win an All-Star Patch. Whitey is never recognized and always made fun of for his voice, feet, height and even his own sister. Whitey does not eat sugar products, not because he is diabetic, but because Eleanore is, and he intends to be respectful of her and her disease. He is the volunteer referee for the Youth League Basketball in the Jewish Community Center. This is also why he would suggest that one of his former players, Davey Stone, that should be a referee-in-training for basketball instead of jail.

Like Davey, and also Eleanore Duvall, he was voiced by Adam Sandler. He is played by Adam Sandler, who has also portrayed Happy GilmoreBilly Madison, Bobby Boucher, Little Nicky, Zohan DvirSkeeter Bronson, Sam Brenner, Dracula in Hotel Transylvania, Q*bert in Pixels and Donny Berger.


Whitey from Stan & Judy's Kid

  • "Technical foul! Technical foul! You leave that garbage talk in the gutter where it belongs!"
  • "Take a walk, McCarthy! Take a walk!"
  • "Ok, so it's a three game tournament. The first game, OLPH vs Saint Annes. Now OLPH crushes them. They move into the semi-finals. I got fifteen minutes to myself, in between games. So, what I decided to do is go into the locker room to soak my smaller foot. When I opened the locker room door, I see the entire Saint Katherine's team twelve 8 to 10 year old kids in tears, screaming about how much their pee-pee hurt. Apparently, one of the kids was rummaging through his father's top drawer, and he find a tube of your Spencer Gifts' "Stay Hard" cream."

Little Nicky

  • "Guess what, cornrows? Technical foul! You're out of here!"
  • "Who gives a s$@t?"
  • "Hit the half-time buzzer. I'm tired."
  • "Get that crap outta here!"

Eight Crazy Nights

"Joke's on you, Wise Guy. I can't read!"

"They're scratching up my floor. Here comes a seizure"


  • Whitey Duvall first appeared in the Adam Sandler 1999 audio skit "Whitey".