Wilbur Wonka is the false antagonist of the 2005 film adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He was portrayed by the late Christopher Lee who also played Count Dooku from Star Wars prequel trilogy.


Back in the day, Willy Wonka, Wilbur's son, had a troubled past, the reason being his father, who forbade him to eat candy, such as making him wear the torture device; headgear and braces. Wilbur did not want his son to eat candy, and even burned his Halloween candy in the fireplace, but when Willy ate a piece of candy that was not burned, his candy obsession began.

The possible reason Wilbur forbade Willy to eat candy was most likely that it could get stuck in his braces, as Wilbur said, and that it is not good for him. Willy then ran away to be a candy maker, this Wilbur stated he “won't be here”, which was true, as Wilbur transported himself and his house away to another part of the country, much to Willy's chagrin when he came back to the street.

Wilbur is next seen in the climax, where Willy and Charlie visit him in his relocated house. As Wilbur checks Willy's teeth, Charlie finds out that Wilbur has followed Willy's success. Wilbur recognizes his son and tells him “You haven't flossed”. Willy replies that he didn't floss once, and they emotionally reconcile after all these years.


Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka is Wilbur's son, who wanted to express his dreams of being a conventioneer, against his father's wishes. Willy then ran away, prompting Wilbur to move himself and his house from the street, but when Willy visits the now relocated house, Wilbur finally realizes his error of his ways when he sees how well Willy is selling his famous chocolate, and he reunites with his son when he visits.


Candy is a waste of time! No son of mine is going to be a chocolatier!
~ Wilbur to his son after he finds out that he wants to be a chocolatier.
I won't be here when you come back!
~ Wilbur in response to his son's decision to run away.
After all these years, you've never flossed.
~ Wilbur whilst reconciling with his long lost son.
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