Wildebeest is one of the many honorary Titans from the show Teen Titans and comics. His power is super strength and the power of a wildebeest (hence his name).

Teen Titans

Wildebeest first appeared in the episode Winner Take All, in which he faced Beast Boy in the first round. He won the round when Beast Boy turned into a T-Rex, which caused the iron cage floor to break, and Beast Boy fell and was trapped in the amulet by the Master of Games. Wildebeest then faced Robin and Speedy in the final round in which he was defeated. Robin later freed Wildebeest after he defeated the Master of Games and gave him a communicator in case he needed help. Wildebeest then briefly appeared in the episode Trust, in which he tried running away from Madame Rouge. He broke his communicator so that Rouge will not track the heroes, but he ended up being captured and then became frozen afterwards. He was defrosted in the episode Titans Together, and, along with Hot Spot get revenge on Madame Rouge by pulling her body and then Jinx defeats her. Wildebeest is last seen  at the end of the episode helping the other Titans recapture Dr. Light.


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