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Wildflowers by themselves may not pose a huge threat, but as a group they become overwhelmingly powerful. Wildflowers receive armor when they are near ally Wildflowers, pots, or minions.
~ Wildflower's description.

The Wildflower is one of the main protagonists of the 2019 shooter game Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is an aggressive wildflower who takes parts in fighting zombies.

The Wildflower was first introduced in the Minion Madness event alongside TV Head. From September 2020, it is available in Rux's shop for 500,000 coins, or 1,000 Rainbow Stars.

Powers and Abilities

  • Stinging Petals: Wildflower's primary weapon, as it can shoot rapid-firing buds at its enemies.
  • Flower Chop: This attack is similar to the Weed's Weed Whip, as Wildflower uses its arms to clap at enemies at a close range.
  • Armor Receiving: When staying close to other Wildflowers, Spawnable Plants, or Pots, its durability increases.
  • Wild Life: Wildflower can drop a pot that marks its next respawn point.
  • Weed Out: Wildflower can control a Dandelion that runs, hovers, and explodes upon contact.
  • Bloom Boom: Wildflower can also throw an explosive grenade that deals with damages and knock enemies back.


  • Classic Wildflower: This Wildflower only uses Stinging Petals, Flower Chop, and Bloom Boom.
  • Pumpkin Wildflower: This Wildflower wears a pumpkin headpiece that has twice the endurance of the normal Wildflower.
  • Terracotta Wildflower: This Wildflower wears a pot that is similar to the Terracotta Weed's headwear.


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