Wildmutt is one of Ben Tennyson's Alien Egos from the first Ben 10 Series.

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


In the Original Series, Wildmutt is a animalistic alien which he is known as a dog-like alien, He has orange fur, He has orange quills on his back, arms and under his mouth. He has claws on his fingers and toes, pale yellow teeth with black lips. Wildmutt has no eye. no ears no nose and tail. He wears a black and white brace with the Omnitrix Symbol on his left shoulder. As a 4 year old toddler, Wildmutt is smaller and thinner.

In Ultimate Alien, Wildmutt looks exactity the same, but his lips are now orange instead of black, He now wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his front chest therefore no longer wears the brace on his left shoulder.

In Omniverse, Wildmutt's appearance hasn't change much, but his lips are now black again, His forearms are a bit bigger and wears a green and white collar with the Omnitrix on his neck.

Powers and Abilities

Wildmutt's main ability is his enhanced smell and hearing which will allow him to see in 3D mapping vision because he has no eyes. His sense of smell also allow him to track something or someone scent.

Wildmutt possesses superhuman strength, as throwing a dumpster, ripping the root of a car and crushing a whistle with his bare paw.

Wildmutt's animalistic agility allow him to run fast on four legs, leap into the air, inhuman climbing, Wildmutt also have ape-like movements making him highly acrobatic and gymnastic.

Wildmutt also possesses razor claws and teeth which can be use for cutting.

Ben 10

In The Big Tick, Ben transform into Wildmutt to use his sharp claws to cut the Greal One's shell, but with no effect.



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