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Protagonist (Dragon Quest VI)

Will is the Character of Dragon Quest (Warrior) VI.


"Unevenness of the boy (village boy)" → "Somnia Prince"

Weaver's Peak in the boy of 17-year-old has been living with his sister called Tania, parents not already. In response to revelation from the mountain of the spirit in the village festival, leaving their own, and to know the true picture of the world journey.

Appearance in the real world Prince of Somnia. After the parents is no longer woke up from sleep by the operator of Murdaw, we go out to Murdaw subdue together with Carver and Milly. But, by the operator of Murdaw, mind (consciousness) is separated from the main body. Consciousness only skipped in a dream world. Body and consciousness body is fusion at the reality of Weaver's Peak after but, Carver and for time spent away from the consciousness and the body than was longer Milly, completely it was not possible to recover the original of their own (the novel version and CD such as in the theater 4 piece is a comic theater, and are almost unified in the nature of the pre-fusion).

Once it has lost a sister Princess Sarah of seen in the disease at an early age.


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