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Courage is to know fear! To master it and make it your own!
~ Will Anthonio Zeppeli.

Will Anthonio Zeppeli is the deuteragonist of the anime/manga series JoJo Bizarre Adventure : Phantom Blood.

Introduced as the first character in the series to use the Ripple/Hamon, Zeppeli acts as a mentor to Jonathan and is the first member of the Zeppeli family to aid a Joestar.



Prior to learning about hamon, Zeppeli was a crewmate in a ship. One day while delivering cargo; his ship was attacked by a ferocious beast which was revealed to be a vampire. Zeppeli was the only one to survive and later discovered that the vampire was his father who wore the stone mask. He drifted away to India where he discovers hamon and decides to study with Tonpetty. Zeppeli was destined to die if he was to master hamon, a destiny he accepts willingly.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Phantom Blood

Zeppeli's first appearance was while Jonathan and Erina were taking a stroll. Zeppeli decided to begin his introduction by using his finger to force Jonathan into a proper breathing pattern. This results in the gentleman creating hamon which ends up healing his arm. Zeppeli later demonstrated another use of hamon in which he breaks a rock without harming the frog perching on it. He explains to Jonathan his reasoning as well as information regarding Dio before offering the gentleman training. After finishing up their hamon training, they later go through a tunnel which leads to Dio's hideout.

Before they could pass, they were attacked by Jack the Ripper. Zeppeli explains to Jonathan the importance of courage before using hamon to critically injure the zombie. He then tasks the gentleman to finish off Jack while holding a glass of wine. Jonathan succeeds and they progress. At some point, Zeppeli attempts to force Speedwagon into a proper breathing pattern, only to fail. They then approach a graveyard, finding Dio and his army of zombies there. Zeppeli was the first to attack, resulting in his arm getting frozen. He was incapacitated as Dio summons 2 very powerful zombies. After Bruford's defeat, Zeppeli's arm was now fully thawed and the group flee from Tarkus, ending up in an abandoned castle. Upon arriving, Jonathan was immediately kidnapped and locked in a room which Zeppeli was unable to break through.

Later, the door was unlocked and Zeppeli entered, ready to fight. He managed to land a few hits on Tarkus before being cut in half by a chain. Before he died however, he decided to give the last of his hamon to Jonathan which allowed the gentleman to kill Tarkus. Zeppeli used his last words to remind Jonathan to finish off Dio and destroy the stone mask. His remains were later cremated with his hat being the one thing kept so that it could be given to his family.


Zeppeli appears as a man of average to above-average height, muscular build and defined, pointed facial features. He has dark, curly hair that protrudes somewhat from under his hat and a thin, well-groomed handlebar mustache.

Between two outfits, he wears a suit, a bow tie, and a top hat; first characterized by a rainbow print, and then by a checkered print.


As a master of the Ripple, Zeppeli is confident and brave, freely approaching an injured Jonathan and giving him the power of the Ripple without having met him previously. This personality also extends to the majority of his battles, such as when he is teaching Jonathan to apply the ripple in his fight against Jack the Ripper - all the while calmly pouring and drinking wine. Even when he realizes he is about to face sudden and horrific death, he does not seem to be too fazed by this and acts very casually with regards to life.


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