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Robin: Did I wrong you in another life, Will Scarlett? Where does this intolerable hatred for me come from?
Will Scarlet: From knowing that...that our father loved you more than me!
~ Robin Hood and Will Scarlet

Will Scarlet was a secondary hero in the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Will was the son of Lord Loxley and an unidentified common woman who Loxley had falled in love with after the death of his wife. As such he was the younger half brother of Robin Hood. Lord Loxley eventually broke off the relationship with Will's mother over Robin's disapproving of the relationship. As a result Will grew up feeling that his father loved Robin more than him, and grew up despising Robin.

After Lord Loxley was murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham Robin was forced to become an outlaw. Robin fell in with area men who had been forced to become outlaws by the sheriff. Included was Will Scarlet, who made it clear from the start that he did not like Robin. Little John advised Robin that Will was full of piss and wind and to take no note of him. As time passed Will started to believe in the cause his older brother was fighting for, so he began to follow Robin Hood as he forged a fighting force to oppose the sheriff.

In a Celt attack on the outlaw's encampment, Will was taken prisoner by the sheriff. While in the sheriff's dungeon he proposed a deal to the sheriff in which he would be released, that he could then get close enough to Robin Hood to kill him.

Will made his way back to the outlaw's encampment where he found Robin Hood, with a message from the sheriff that all the prisoners taken in the attack were going to be hung. When Little John prevented him from killing Robin Hood, Robin finally asked Will why he had so much hatred for him. Will finally told Robin the truth, that he also was a son of Lord Loxley. Will asked if he was going to finish what he started. Embracing Will as his brother, Robin told him that he would stand beside him as they made their final stand.

Will along with Robin, Friar Tuck, Azeem, Little John and his wife Fanny went to rescue their people. The rescue did not go without a hitch though - Little John's son Wulf attacked Will due to his thinking Will was still a traitor. However Robin and the others were able to stop the hanging of their people. When the gates were closed Will launched Azeem and Robin over the walls in a catapult.

Following the defeat and death of the Sheriff Robin and Marian were married in a ceremony held in Sherwood Forest. Will witnessed the wedding and embraced Azeem after Friar Tuck proclaimed Robin and Marian husband and wife.


  • Will Scarlet was played by Christian Slater, who also played Mark Hunter in the 1990 film Pump Up the Volume. He was the voice of Pips in the 1992 animated film FernGully: the Last Rainforest, and the voice of Jet Fusion in the 2001 animated TV series Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.