Will Smith is a fictional character and main protagonist from the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, inspired by his own interpreter of the same name and Will Smith is bates on Benny Medina.

He was portrayed by his real life counterpart, who also portrayed Agent J in the Men in Black trilogy, Steven Hiller in Independence DayMike Lowrey in the Bad Boys films, Genie in the Aladdin remake, Oscar in Shark Tale and Lance Sterling in Spies in Disguise.


Being a rebellious and cool teenager who lived in Philadelphia after getting into a street fight one day he is sent by his mother to live in a mansion in the rich and luxurious neighborhood of Bel-Air in Los Angeles, with Banks family. The family tries to turn it into a civilized boy, but he has other plans. Living as a street boy in a rich mansion, generates the most amusing confusion. Despite his constant confusion, quirky personality and lack of respect for wonderful manners suggest that Will Smith is a foolish and irresponsible teenager in more than one episode it is shown that he is very intelligent scholar and academic point of view.

Will often implies with his cousin Carlton Banks doing pranks and belittling him, but in reality the two are two great friends, despite competence. It also irritates your very "Uncle Phil" with his anti-social ways, and almost always by their errors always gets punishments of Phil.

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