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Never drop a call!
~ Stacks' mayoral slogan
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William "Will" Stacks is the deuteragonist of the 2014 adaptation movie Annie.

He is portrayed by Jamie Foxx, who portrayed Django Freeman.

Stacks first appears in his giving phone night when he was running to be the town mayor, when he was return to his office his right man Nash and political advisor Guy Danily told him he lost a little bit of point, he was really angry at that because he didn't expected that Grace Farrell his assistant tries to calm him down. He's fear of germs and his trunks is full of purell, when his limo bust down he decide to take a walk, and bust into Annie by saving her to be strucked by an van. He finally get a lot of vote because of his heroic act, and invite Annie for diner for make her his mascot for his campain, he seem to be annoying by the little girl. But she finally make him have a little bit of fun, and he finally take her to his job in his helicopter when he was showing her the city, and said to her to never gave up her dream.

He also seem to maybe finally care about Annie, and wanted to keep her after having a lot of fun with her and finally trusted her, when he wanted to adopt her and be her father he was not know his trusted man Guy will betray him. Because he was deceit to learn they finally found her parents, without knowing at first it was a trap for get rid of Annie, so he sign the paper to give Annie to the people he believe be her parents, when they take her from the office he tell Grace they had a lot of work to do. He was surprise to see Coleen Hannigan and the orphan girls enter his office with Nash, when he finally learn the truth he confront Guy for know where they taked Annie and finally fired Guy when he was going to his helicopter.

When he finally save Annie from the fake parents, Annie was angry at him believe he was behind all of this just for his  campain, but he tell her he didn't know anything about that and decide to gave up his town mayor title and win once again Annie's trust and invite Grace to diner with him. At the end of the movie, he opened a orphan child center and dance with everyone.


  • Similar to Oliver Warbucks, they both adopted the little orphan Annie and kissed the girl they love.