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William Adams, also known as Anjin, is the main protagonist of Nioh and a minor character in Nioh 2.


William is a physically well built man of European descent with white hair and blue eyes, characteristics that stand out to his Japanese comrades. He initially is shown with stubbles on his chin and his hair tied up but his overall appearance is up to the player as his facial features along with his armory are interchangable.


William is a stalwart warrior who rarely shows fear. He faces any adversity with unflinching tenacity. When not in battle, he is observant, thoughtful and soft-spoken in his foreign surroundings. Though William starts his quest in Japan fighting for his survival, his ensuing adventures fosters an unwavering heart of righteousness. He hopes to save victims within the human and spiritual realm.

Powers and Abilities

  • Guardian Spirits: William has the ability to see Guardian Spirits due to how he managed to have one himself. These spirits grant William supernatural abilities. For example, with Saoirse, he can locate Amrita and even be resurrected after death. In addition, he can obtain the Guardian Spirits of other people if they're willing to do so.
  • Living Weapon: If William has enough Amrita, he can conjur a living weapon with the power of his guardian spirits. His equipped weapon is granted increased damage with an elemental effect while William himself is more durable for a short time.
  • Samurai Skills: During his voyage to Japan, William was able to master the techniques of a Samurai warrior. He honed these skills further by training with the likes of the greatest warriors from Japan during the Warring Period. That includes mastery of weapons of the likes of the katana and dual katana, spears, axes, the kusarigama, the odachi, and the tonfa. This also extends to the use of different stances; low, medium, and high.
  • Ninjutsu: William was capable of learning the skills of a ninja, especially due to his friendship with the legendary shinobi Hanzo Hattori. He can utilize projectiles and bombs, ninja scrolls, and pills. 
  • Onymo Magic: Under the tutelage of Fuku and Tenkai, William learned how to utilize onmyo magic. He can cast elemental spells and use talismans to his advantage.



  • William is based on the real-life historical figure William Adams; both are European sailors who traveled to Japan and became the first foreign samurai.

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