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Admiral William Stenz is a navy commander and a supporting character from 2014 film Godzilla and its 2019 sequel Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

He is portrayed by David Strathairn.



Admiral Stenz is the commander of an elite navy squadron that includes Ford Brody, which is sent into the ruins of San Francisco, California, where a battle between Godzilla and the MUTOs is taking place. He was adamant on destroying both the MUTOs and Godzilla using a nuclear bomb, even though Dr. Serizawa told them to stand down and let Godzilla fight, believing he was here to kill the MUTOs and restore balance to nature.

This plan went south after the male MUTO stole the nuclear bomb and took it to San Francisco to build a nest with its mate, endangering thousands of civilians. After this, Stenz reluctantly agreed to leave the MUTOs in Godzilla's hands and focus all military personnel to extract the bomb for it to detonate safely elsewhere.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Stenz was present in Washington D.C. during a Senate hearing regarding whether Monarch should fall under military jurisdiction. When Senator Williams mockingly asked Serizawa whether humanity should make Godzilla their pet, he was taken aback when the Senators laughed at Serizawa's response: "No. We would be his."

When King Ghidorah and Godzilla began fighting in Isla de Mara, Mexico, Stenz made contact with the crew of Monarch's flagship, the USS Argo. He informed them that the military had developed a prototype weapon supposedly able to destroy Titans: the Oxygen Destroyer. Despite Serizawa's pleas to have faith in Godzilla, Stenz was not swayed and informed him that the U.S. military was now in control of the situation and the weapon had already been launched, ready to kill everything within a two-mile radius, before warning the Argo to immediately evacuate from the area. The Oxygen Destroyer seemingly killed Godzilla but left King Ghidorah unharmed. The three-headed monster then emitted a call that summoned Titans from around the world to exterminate humanity under his leadership.

Stenz and his forces commandeered Monarch's underwater Castle Bravo base in Bermuda. Inside the base, he addressed the current crisis before Monarch. When he described the Titans' behavior as "erratic," Dr. Ilene Chen interjected that he was wrong. Dr. Mark Russell explained that they were demonstrating pack behavior, all responding to their alpha, Ghidorah. After Mothra revealed that Godzilla is still alive, Stenz allowed Monarch to take a submarine, the USS Scorpion, to revive him with a nuclear weapon.


  • Stenz is very similar to Morshower from the Transformers film Series.


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