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William Wicker, or Will, is the main character of the psychological horror game Immure, created by Wither Studios.






Very little is known about Will and his past. What is known about Will is that he had traveled to a mysterious mansion that he'd seen in a dream and that his wife Danielle wanted him to find.


While exploring the mansion Will encounters a mysterious object know as the Shining Trapezohedron, it somehow speaks to Will saying that it can offer him power.

Will is then transported to a mysterious dimension where he encounters a terrifying creature known as a Wraith and must flee and hide from it. Later, Will manages to stun the Wraith with the help of the Shining Trapezohedron and destroy it with the use of an "Unearthly Dagger" that he had found whilst fleeing from the creature.


After destroying the wraith, Will wakes up to find that it was all a dream and the mansion is now a wreck. Will then discovers a odd metallic shard in his inventory.

Once again exploring the now trashed mansion, Will discovers a mysterious machine and triangular pedastel appears in front of him. Will then inserts the metallic shard into the pedastel which causes the machine to power up. It is then that Will hears the scream of his wife Danielle coming from the machine. Will is once again transported, this time to a strange dimension where he sees an apparition of Danielle, but is then quickly ejected from this dream.

Moving foward, Will enters another odd room where he encounters a mysterious entity sitting in a chair wearing a cloak, mask, and a nametag. Will asks many questions from this entity, but the entity interjects, telling Will that while he is in his room, he must play by his rules. The first rule being that in order for Will to speak to him, he must take a seat in the second chair in front of him. The entity tells Will that he is "who sees through which has been seen through by not so many" that he is a lover of stories and the fine art of word smithery and that he is Will's one and only true friend in the awful predicament he finds himself in. Will however is not impressed, so the entity tells Will to just call him the Safe Room Guy. The Safe Room Guy then gives Will a key for door, instructing him to go said door where he will find a trapped soul and deal with it, either by saving or destroying it. The Safe Room Guy then says that in order to save the spirit, Will must find something that reminds them of their humanity and to destroy it Will must force the spirit to repeat its death. Will reluctantly decides to do what The Safe Room Guy asks of him and leaves the safe room with key in hand.

As Will continues, he comes across several odd doors that don't look like they belong in the mansion, all of them being locked. Will then comes across a handgun hanging on the wall and a note saying that someone named Johnny retrieved it for him to help in Will endeavor. It is then that Will comes up to a door with a crash bar and uses the key he got from the safe room guy to unlock said door.


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