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Willow Park is a character on The Owl House. She is a witch student at Hexside, as well as one of Luz's best friends.

She is voiced by Tati Gabrielle, who also portrayed Wackie Jackie from K.C. Undercover and voiced Addie McCallister in Sony Pictures Animation's critically panned film The Emoji Movie.


She is described as a bubbly and friendly witch. In the intro, she can be seen alongside Luz, Gus, and Amity.

She is also shown to be shy towards Amity, as she calls her "Half-a-Witch Willow", and often pokes fun at Willow's poor capability of creating and manipulating abominations. Despite being childhood friends with Amity, Willow has grown to resent her due to her selfishness and cruelty towards her, seemingly after gaining her magical powers before Willow. To get her anger out, Willow uses plants that grow huge and grabs any physical object in her way. If she does harm somebody she is fast to apologize to them.

She likes plants and gets frustrated if she gets bad grades and when other students used to make fun of her, calling her "Half-A-Witch Willow".


Life Before Disaster

As a child, she was best friends with Amity. She also wasn't that great at magic, using different kinds of magic to see what kind she was good at. Even though Amity liked hanging out with Willow because of who she was, Amity's parents didn't think she was powerful enough to be Amity's friend, and threatened to ruin Willow's chances of getting into Hexside if Amity didn't break her friendship with her. Onward, Amity became a bully towards her, as well as calling her "Half a witch Willow".

Meeting Luz

After another taunting from Amity finally getting on her nerves, she loses control of her powers and catches Luz by the ankle in a plant spell. After she regains control, she hastily apologizes to Luz and releases her from the spell. She is excited to see that Luz is a human, and Luz is jealous that Willow goes to an actual magic school. Luz comes up with the idea to become Willow's abomination for a day, and meets Willow's closest friend, Gus. Later, Amity reports Luz and Willow to Principle Bump. To escape multiple abominations, she uses her plant magic to get Luz to safety. This lead to Principle Bump switching Willow to the Plant Track.

Conjuring gone Wrong

Willow, once again, has been taunted by Amity. When she heard that Amity is doing a moonlight conjuring, she invites Willow and Gus to the house to do one of their own. After trying to bring life to a action figure, they accidentally bring life to the house. They soon gain full control of it and decide to stick it to Amity. But this is cut short when the house is tied down by demon hunters. The hunters tie all three of them up and tosses them off a cliff, but the three of them are caught by a branch. Willow then tells Luz about how she and Amity were best friends as kids, but stopped hanging out after the incident with Amity's parents. However, Willow isn't aware of the true reason why Amity stopped being friends with her, as Amity had to act mean to get Willow to leave, and made Willow think that she wasn't powerful enough. After Luz tells her that she's one of the most powerful witches she knows, Willow regains her confidence and uses her plant magic to cut them loose and fight the hunters. They then regain control of the house and take the blame for controlling the house all around Bonesborough.

Facing the Bat Queen

While waiting to go on a field trip to a grudgby game with Hexside's rival school, Willow, Luz, and Gus get left behind when Luz looks for a Hexside uniform to wear. Luz has the idea to use Eda's staff to fly the three of them to the game. However, this ends with Eda's palisman, Owlbert, getting a crack down his head. He flees into the woods and the three of them go looking for him, despite Willow's protests. They soon confront the Bat Queen and her babies, who trap Willow and Gus in webbing, and subject Luz to doing trials in order to win back Owlbert's trust. After the trials, the Bat Queen traps Owlbert and begins to battle with Luz, while Willow and Gus deal with the Bat Queen's babies. After the truth of the Bat Queen being a palisman is revealed, she flies off, leaving the trio to celebrate. While Luz feels guilty about missing the grudgby game, Willow and Gus shrug it off, claiming that it was better than any grudgby game, with Gus adding that it made him "slightly traumatized".

Luz's First Day

After Luz is accepted into Hexside, they greet her in front of the school congratulating her for getting in, despite a mix up of Gus's illusions. A while later, Willow is outside dueling with an oracle student. She and Gus see Luz in the detention track, and reassure Luz that they will get her out. Initially, Luz is happy, but later is disappointing with herself, seeing how her words about the track earlier cost her a chance of making friends. Willow and Gus later reassure Luz that they will sort it out with Principle Bump. They are then confronted by a greater basilisk consuming the magic from a student. Willow and Gus try to use their magic to fight the beast, but are soon overpowered and drained of their magic. Luz drags them both to safety in the detention track and goes to fight the basilisk with her new friends. They defeat the beast and Willow and Gus get their magic back, along with the rest of the people that the basilisk drained.

Small Problems

Understanding Willow

Grudgby Match

Freeing Eda

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Like all witches, Willow is capable of casting magic spells by turning her finger in a circle.
    • Plant Magic: Willow has powerful plant-based magic, which usually manifests as green, thorny vines around her. Her eyes glow green when her magic is in effect. She uses her magic to help plants and can make a tiny seed sprout humongous. She can also control plants with her magic, summon them from the ground, turn them into monstrous versions of themselves, and use them to grab and restrain others.
    • Plant Knowledge: Willow has vast knowledge on monstrous plants of the Boiling Isles and how to take care of them, and is capable of handling them even without her magic.




  • Boscha - Current Rival
  • Tibbles - Enemy
  • Odalia and Alador Blight - Enemies



  • Willow is the second Disney Channel character to have two fathers, after Violet Sabrewing.
  • Willow has a fear of Ladybugs.
  • It was revealed by the creator, that Willow works out every morning.
  • Her palisman is a bee named Clover.