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No matter what happens, Weiss... please don’t forget about your brother.
~ Willow to Weiss about Whitley.

Willow Schnee is a supporting character in the American animated webseries RWBY. She is the mother of Winter, Weiss, and Whitley Schnee.

She is voiced by Caitlin Glass, who also voiced Winry Rockbell in the English dub of Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mina Ashido in the English dub of My Hero Acadamia, and Haruhi Fujioka in the English dub of Orun High School Host Club.


Willow is a fair-skinned, middle-aged woman with light blue eyes and long white hair. She often wears elegant blue or purple clothing, as well as a white cravat and red brooch. In her youth, she wore her hair in abun, but later wore it in a low ponytail.


The daughter of Nicholas Schnee, founder of the Schnee Dust Company, Willow was married to Jacques Gelé. Jacques took the Schnee name as his own, and together he and Willow had their three children. Jaques inherited the company when Nicholas' health failed. Willow admitted that she was happy during the first few years of marriage.

On Weiss' tenth birthday, when Jacques failed to show up to her party, an argument between Willow and Jacques . During the argument, Jacques admits that he only married her for her family name and wealth. Though she had her suspicions before, hearing Jacques admit it pushed Willow into depression. Willow resorted to heavy drinking to cope, leading to her shutting herself off from her family and winter becoming a maternal figure for Weiss until she left for the military. Weiss later left to train in Vale to become a Huntress.

Much later, after the Fall of Beacon and Weiss' return to Atlas as a part of Team RWBY, Weiss suspects her father to have dealings with the villainous Arthur Watts. Sneaking into his office during a baquet at Schnee manor for James Ironwood, Weiss encounters Willow, drunk and claiming to not be feeling well. She reveals that she had cameras installed across Schnee Manor for her own safety, and shows Weiss video proof that Jacques is working with Watts. She leaves, asking Wiess to not forget about her brother.

After Weiss reveals her father's crimes, Willow watches as Jacques is arrested. However, at Jacques request, she confides to her room for safety.

However, when Atlas is attacked by Salem and the Grimm, the power in Schnee Manor is cut off. Fearing for her children, Willow comes out to tell Weiss and her team about the backup generator. However, as the manor falls under attacks from the Grimm, specifically Salem's Hound, Willow has a panic attack and rushes to get more alchohol. She realizes that her children are more important, and smashes her bottle to remove the temptation as she rushes to help in any way she can.

Using the manor's cameras, Willow monitors the Hound and keeps Weiss updated as to its location. When the Hound approaches Whitley, Willow uses a Boarbatusk Glyph Summon to fight the Grimm off and save her son. The two run with the Hound chasing, but Weiss arrives in time to save them.

Willow and Whitley run to the foyer, but the Hound, Weiss, Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, and a hacked Penny Polendina are all there as well, fighting. Ruby weakens the Grimm with her Silver Eyes, revealing it to be a silver-eyed Faunus man transformed into a Grimm. Noticing the Hound is below a large statue, Willow and Whitlet push the statue over on top of the Hound, killing it.



  • Willow is a genus of trees, bringing to mind the colors green and gray.
    • The surname Schnee means "snow" in German.


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