All Wound Up!
~ Wind-Up's official catchphrase

Wind-Up is a wind-up toy in Skylanders: Swap Force. He is voiced by Bob Bergen who also voices Porky Pig from Looney Tunes.


Built in the enchanted workshop of a toymaker obsessed with time, Wind-Up was created to help keep his massive collection of complicated clocks working perfectly. But when the toymaker popped out of existence in a freak accident caused by putting hot cocoa in a cross-wired Arkeyan oven, Wind-Up found himself surrounded by an invading Cyclops platoon - with an eye towards claiming the toymaker's secrets for themselves. Using split-second timing, clockwork strategy, and his totally wound up energy, Wind-Up bravely sprang into action and handily defeated the Cyclops. He later joined the Skylanders to help swing the pendulum the other way in their fight against anything that threatens Skylands.

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