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Windblade is a heroine from IDW comic series The Transformers: Windblade. She is is a young Transformer who puts duty and truth first, even when both are difficult. Her friend and bodyguard Chromia can get frustrated at times with the strength of Windblade's convictions, and Chromia believes Windblade trusts too much. This may not be a worldview that can survive sharing a planet with Starscream, and she may learn that at times she will have to choose between truth or duty.



Representative of Caminus


First Delegate


The World In Your Eyes

The Cracks Beneath Your Feet

The Change In Your Nature

Prime Wars Trilogy

See: Windblade (Prime Wars Trilogy)

Aligned Universe

See: Windblade (RID 2015)


See: Windblade (Cyberverse)


This version of Windblade proves to be far more kinder and selfless, Although been more insecure, she has been showed to bee more protective over the denizens of Cybertron also been more proactive with them.

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