Windshear is a female Razorwhip who has become Heather's dragon in Race to the Edge.


Sometime before Race to the Edge, Windshear was attacked by a Typhoomerang and badly injured. Heather treated her wounds and trained her. The two formed an unbreakable bond and became an unstoppable team, redistributing goods to those who have been attacked by pirates and raiders.


Like all Razorwhips, Windshear distrusts most humans and dragons. However, once her trust is earned, she is a loyal ally and Windshear cares deeply for Heather (Windshear's rider). She did show some curiosity to Tuffnut Thorston when he woke up after she knocked him out and his "proposal" did not seem to bother her. Like Heather (Windshear's rider), Windshear attracted the attention of the other dragons, which makes her feel uncomfortable. Although after some time and adjusting, Windshear became more comfortable around the Riders' dragons, especially Toothless. Windshear is a very protective dragon of Heather and she will attack others without warning if she feels her rider is in danger and it also shows mistrust in other dragons, which is a trait common in Razorwhips.



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