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In all the years you've known me: have I ever followed orders?
~ Wing Saber

Wing Saber, formerly known as Wing Dagger, is one of Optimus Prime's soldiers who he can combine with in Transformers: Energon and Transformers: Cybertron.

He is voiced by Colin Murdoch in Energon, and Peter Kelamis in Cybertron



Wing Dagger was a mere security guard on Cybertron, but when Shockblast killed his peer, Padlock, he gained a vendetta against the Decepticon. As he was pursuing Shockblast through the sky amongst the energon towers, the Decepticon struck one with a beam, causing it to crash down upon Wing Dagger and Tidal Wave. Wing Dagger was destroyed, but his spark was taken to Primus. With the aid of Rad, Primus restored the warrior. Reformatted into Wing Saber, he joined Optimus' team not only to find energon, but to avenge the death of his friend.

Wing Saber, having been reformatted and re-powered by Primus himself, understood his task of being Optimus Prime's personal servant. Optimus Prime reminded Wing Saber that he was not Prime's property, and Wing Saber seemed to have issues figuring out who he was. Wing Saber joined Optimus Supreme and the other Autobots in spark form to confront the massive Galvatron-Unicron being in The Sun


In the years after the Powerlinx Battles, as revealed in United, Wing Saber and Optimus Prime went on a mission to save a stranded astronaut in the Chaar asteroid belt; to navigate, they had to get through it in a back-to-back formation and started to feel a whole new combination coming on. Wing Saber span out of control and almost hit an asteroid, but was saved by Optimus. This may have been responsible for his new rebellious edge, which led him to leave Optimus's team. 

In Assault, Wing Saber returned during the search for the Cyber Planet Keys when he encountered the Omega Frequency wave after the Speed Planet Key was inserted into the Omega Lock on Earth. Reaching the volcanic island where his comrades were battling the Decepticons, he nailed Megatron with missiles before he could fire his Death Machine Gun at Optimus Prime. Jetfire, while not entirely happy to see Wing Saber again, provided him with an Earth vehicle mode, a fighter-bomber. Wing Saber showed a defiant attitude toward his former allies. He fired at Hot Shot's feet when the latter questioned him, but cooled down. However, Wing Saber quickly found himself part of the team again, taking to the air to dogfight with Megatron and keep him away from Starscream and the Omega Lock. 

In Starscream, Wing Saber continued to battle Megatron while Optimus and Vector Prime pursued the Lock, and later rescued Vector Prime after Starscream's growth to skyscraper size caused an eruption. Thunderblast attempted to stop them, but was defeated by Wing Saber's Cyber Key cannon. In United, Several attempts to take Starscream down were made, all of which failed. After Starscream thwarted one attempt by filling the air between him and the Autobots with chunks of rock, Wing Saber was reminded of the mission in the Chaar asteroid belt. He suggested trying the same trick again and attempted to link up with Optimus. The attempt failed, but Prime agreed the method from the first attempt to clear the asteroids worked. Wing Saber and Prime flew together through the boulders to reach clear sky, which led to reviving his ability to combine with Optimus Prime to create a new Sonic Wing Mode, lending his leader his weapons and his jet engines. This allowed Optimus to defeat Starscream, and from this point on, Wing Saber willingly combined with Optimus whenever he needed to.

Shortly after, Wing Saber followed Optimus back to Cybertron in defense of the Omega Lock, and combined with him to defeat and seemingly kill Megatron, before Wing Saber witnessed Cybertron transform into the body of Primus. Combining with Optimus to face Sideways and Starscream, Wing Saber and Optimus also faced the revived Megatron and the Decepticons.

After Bod and the Atlantis were captured by Starscream and Sideways, Wing Saber headed off the search for it. Later accompanied by Jetfire, the two jet bots found a trail of junk left by Bud as a breadcrumbs trail. However, the bots ended up facing the Atlantis's guns, and a Decepticon force. The Atlantis warped away and Wing Saber had to retreat. To be added

Transformers Animated


A version of Wing Saber, based on his Cybertron design, appears in the Allspark Almanac guidebook. He was said to be an Autobot Air General, and was a member of the Elite Guard during the Great War. Presumably, as all Animated Autobots bar a few exceptions could not fly, he was a pilot, rather than being able to transform into a jet.


  • Wing Saber is partially inspired by Star Saber, the protagonist of Japanese Transformers series Victory.
  • Wing Saber was the original name for Airazor in Beast Wars.
  • Wing Saber was mentioned in Fun Publications Beast Wars: Uprising, as an Autobot who was trapped in his jet mode, and used as transport for the Maximal Resistance. 




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