Wingnut is a baby Razorwhip under the care of Atali who first appeared in Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Bonding with Ruffnut

During the Grand Transition, Wingnut and his siblings were let to choose their Wingmaiden. However, Wingnut picked Ruffnut instead. Atali then took him, apologizing to Ruffnut, saying that he might have got confused. The next day, Wingnut disappears but is quickly found attached to Ruffnut. Atali then makes the decision that Ruffnut must become a Wingmaiden. Although at first shocked, Ruffnut accepts. Later, she has difficulties with washing Wingnut, so Tuffnut helps her by putting the baby dragon in water. Through each of the lessons on caring and bonding with a baby Razorwhip, Ruffnut has difficulties but is secretly helped by Tuffnut.

When Wingmaiden Island is attacked by Dragon Hunters, Ruffnut and Wingnut bond and save the day. When the Riders got to leave the island, Ruffnut thinks she is taking Wingnut with her, but Atali indicates he must stay with his siblings. Wingnut nuzzles Ruffnut good-bye and flies to Atali to stay.

When the Dragon Hunters and Dragon Flyers attack Berserker Island to find the "King of Dragons", the Wingmaidens arrive to help fight. Wingnut flies Atali into the fray and greets Ruffnut.


Although Wingnut initially chose Ruffnut to be the one who takes care of him, the two of them did not get along well. Rufffnut reluctantly attempted to form a bond with Wingnut like the other Wingmaidens, but Wingnut was uncertain if Ruffnut really wanted to be his Wingmaiden. It only took Tuffnut for the two of them to grow close so that Wingnut could distinguish Ruffnut from the others around him.

At first, Wingnut wanted to stay with Ruffnut, which would mean that the latter had to become a permanent Wingmaiden and leave the other Dragon Riders, including her brother Tuffnut. Wingnut immediately understood Ruffnut’s rightful place and made the decision in bonding with Atali so that Ruffnut could stay with her real family.

Abilities and Skills

Despite being a baby, Wingnut is a very powerful dragon.

  • Strength and Stamina: Wingnut appears to have great strength as he can carry Ruffnut for long periods of time without showing any struggle. He was also shown to be able to carry two people, respectively Ruffnut and Atali.
  • Intelligence: Wingnut is able to recognize Ruffnut's call and knows what Ruffnut wants to do, without her saying anything. He realized that he can't stay with Ruffnut and accepted Atali as his Wingmaiden.


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