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Winston is the third tritagonist in the Alpha and Omega series. He is the Alpha leader of the Western pack, the husband of Eve and the father of Kate and Lilly. He is grandfather of Runt, Stinky and Claudette.

He was voiced by Danny Glover in the first film, who also played Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon franchise, Miles in Barnyard, Barbatus in Antz and Mike Harrigan in Predator 2.

Maxwell Je provided the voice in the following sequels.


He is grey and white wolf and have blue eyes.


Winston is a dedicated, wise, kind, and brave leader of his pack, caring for its well-being and wanting the best for it. He loves his family very much, and treats everyone fairly, including the Omegas led by Humphrey. Still, Winston adheres to Pack laws, but is hesitant to marry off his daughter Kate to Garth, the son of his rival Tony, the leader of the Eastern pack, resulting both Western and Eastern packs to unite the into one pack, which is odd as, according to Tony, Winston was the one who originally planned the marriage, though he might have just been having second thoughts or the idea might have originally just have been a way to placate Tony. Winston was proud of Kate for agreeing to the marriage, in spite of not knowing anything about the plan or what she's getting herself into, although he did say she didn't have to if she wasn't ready. Winston is very proud of his daughter, saying to Eve that Kate is the finest Alpha he's ever trained, but later at the wedding, Winston becomes astonished when Kate refuses to marry Garth at the last moment, claiming that she had fallen in love with Humphrey (although she didn't actually name him). But unlike Tony, Winston accepts the relationship between Kate and Humphrey upon realizing that Humphrey was in fact truly in love with Kate, loving her enough to risk his own life, he realizes that there should be no reason to oppose, especially when he saw another solution in his other daughter Lilly being Garth's intended, and that they were in love with each other. This shows that despite his adhering to Pack Law, Winston is more willing to make exceptions in accordance to specific circumstances.


  • His first Voice Actor, Danny Glover is best known voicing as Miles the Mule from Barnyard.
  • At the end of the first movie, it is implied - but unconfirmed - that Winston (as well as Tony) retired from leadership of their united pack. Their retirement is confirmed as of Alpha and Omega 2. This can, however, be questioned, as Stinky refers to him as "Great Leader" in the fourth film.
  • It has been revealed that Winston and Tony where childhood friends in the novel.



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