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Wintergreen is a parody of Wolverine. He is the leader of the Elfa Strike Squad. They share a similar haircut, tough-guy attitude, gruff voice, and powers. While Wolverine has adamantium claws and bones, Wintergreen's are made of peppermintium, giving him claws that resemble candy canes.

Incidentally, Wintergreen is often seen sucking on a candy cane when off-duty (a parody of Wolverine smoking cigars). While he refuses to be the stereotypical, jolly, toy-making elf, he cares deeply about Christmas and will defend it with his life. He is almost invincible, because in his debute he took 50 sleeping darts. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Wintergreen has the tough demeanor and he tends to be the first who jumps into the fight. Despite this, he has a strong sense of justice and he cares about protecting the holidays from threats.